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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you for the packing advice

You guys are brilliant. The answer to what projects to take on my vacation was right in front of me. 

Of course. Buy fabric when I am there, and take only a few easy patterns or things to just do for fun.

The thought of having to buy more fabric thrills me. And of course I now have to leave room for what I bring home ....

So here are the supplies I think I am taking, in addition to one sewing machine, my old sturdy Pfaff:

What am I missing ? (my pins are in a giant pin cushion off camera, more about my pin history later).

I am thinking over patterns, but I have decided to take the two Moda jellyrolls I bought at Fabricmart a few years ago in a moment during which I forgot I don't quilt. I figure it's pre-cut and something I can run a few seams on in transit in the hotel rooms just to keep my stitches going. I will never do that around here with all my fabrics and new patterns eyeing me with potential.

Speaking of patterns I ordered some interesting Vogues/McCalls a few sales ago and despite the emails that they have been shipped nothing has showed up. Must be sending them across the border tied to the foot of some carrier pigeon or something.

If those patterns arrive in the next few days I will be pretty pleased.

O.K. off I go to my last official full time person staff meeting. It actually has been booked to go for six hours. Part-time staff are not required to attend these meetings.

Man, I am going to miss this stuff.


Jodie said...

OMG 6 hours?!?!! ICK, that's all I can say. Staff/Dept./pta meetings (not pita, but close) my least favourite thing about teaching.
Well, I won't say "enjoy it". But at least celebrate the fact it is the last one.

KayY said...

I ordered some Vogues. It took 4 weeks for them to arrive. And when they got here (Ottawa)? The postage was Canadian and they had shipped from somewhere near Toronto ... more than 2 weeks after the e-mail from Vogue saying they had shipped.

It's NOT a good system they have going there.

KC said...

6 hours? Bring your Pfaff!

I don't really have anything to say, but I had to share my verification word, which is "outta," as in You are so outta there! Have a great vacation!