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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A sewing question for you

Next week my husband and I are going to Florida, St. Augustine, for a month. We are leaving Easter Monday. 

He has worked 17 months more or less straight and has earned this. We have rented a place there and we have relatives rotating through so we can catch up. We always have family involved in our holidays. I think DH could lie on a beach and read a book and relax for about 10 minutes. Me, well I was about 35 before I was ever in a room by myself so this feels normal to me.

A month is a fair bit of time and I am not going to be talking and eating all the time. So of course I will be doing some sewing. That, and catching up on my neglected Pattern Reviews.

OK so this is my question.

If you were going away for that long what would you take with you to sew?

One or two complicated designer patterns that you have been meaning to do but haven't had the undivided time to tackle?

A TNT that need fine tuning?

Quick and easy dresses ( like knits)?

What should I pack?

What would you pack?

BTW if anyone has any North/central Florida fabric store suggestions please let me know. One of the surprises my husband had for me when he came home from Tennessee was that he had bought a motorcycle. I can think of 101 reasons why this is a dumb idea and I have shared those. 

He has countered with the promise he will drive me to any fabric store I want on the back of that thing. Carefully.

That man doesn't play fair.


CB_9-10_Team4 said...

I think you know the what you WANT to sew in your heart ... so I say follow your heart ... truthfully, I always take a relatively NEW knitting project on vacation... it should last the whole trip (usually just a week) and it allows me to take a break... So my question back to you is.... what sewing project would make it feel like a VACATION for you?

Eileensews said...

Hold him to his promise!

Jodie said...

Well, I agree with the first commenter...you probably know what you want in your heart. For me, an entire month away from home (and all the day to day stuff), I'd do some some TNT pattern work as I'd like to get a pair of pants and my jeans/casual pants pattern fitting me better. But I'm in the middle of my teaching career and need those kind of clothes. You might not.
As for packing...Well, I'm in the Canadian Prairies and we just got a foot of snow last night (sigh), so I'd haul out my fun summer dresses (of which I have ONE) and cute skirts so I could walk on the beach every darn day if I wanted. I grew up in Ontario and miss beaches fiercely in the summer. I'm not much of a shorts person when out and about - they are my throw on to walk the dog garment (or houseclean, I guess).
Either way - have a fabulous time! Both you and your husband have earned this break/holiday together. I'm envious.

Kristine said...

The point is to enjoy yourself, so pick projects that excite you and make you smile. As for the motorcycle ride to the fabric store... sounds like a WIN-WIN to me! Have a great time!

Lisa Laree said...

Everyone else has really good points...take what gets your sewing heart beating fast!

But, you've described an almost perfect vacation to me...no responsibilities outside the immediate abode, lots of friendly folk passing through, and time to sew. If such a blessing descended on me, I'd be thinking about what would take up the least amount of packing/transporting for the greatest amount of impact, so I'd probably opt for fewer projects that need greater work, if that makes sense. Things that I can whip up at home without too much trouble wouldn't make the cut...I'd be taking something that I've wanted to do but don't have time to dedicate to in Normal Life.

Whatever you do, have a lovely time! And post pictures! ;)

judidarling said...

I'm almost at the end of my first winter in Florida (Pompano) and brought my sewing machine and serger with me, which was simple since I drove down here. I sat at home and thought of what tools I used to make a typical dress and packed those. Most important, I packed a number of dresses that needed major reworking--I've lost over 50 lbs, but these are too nice to lose. I've done about 30% of what I planned, but having my things with me has made my stay even nicer. As to general packing, take light, breathable clothes--it's getting Hot!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Me, I would take my TNT patterns and buy some new fabric and make some garments that I would never make at home.

I'm so jealous that you are going to have a month to lounge around so enjoy!

KC said...

I'm with Carolyn--bring the basics and a project or two to tide you over, then go shopping for fabric when you get there! Your lovely DH might think there's a limit to how much fabric you can carry on a motorcycle, but there is always shipping!

Sharon said...

I agree with Carolyn, enjoy your time, you don't need to stress. Um not sure about the win-win with the bike riding, how do you get the fabric home, unless he has purchased a bike with large paniers :)

BetsyV said...

I would pack a variety of projects, complicated and easy, hot-summer fabrics, muslin or cheap/free fabrics for mockups, and my laptop to make more progress understanding MyLabel. Also, other needlework projects that can be worked on while chatting with guests.

I wouldn't expect to get much done, though. Not if I had family floating through constantly!

Claire S. said...

I tend to travel with my knitting - something just started so I don't have to worry about finishing it and having nothing else to start.

As for the motorcycle - enjoy ! They're great fun - DH & I had one for a few years and loved it. But don't take it shopping - those paniers don't hold anywhere near as much as the car trunk does LOL :-)