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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wild Ginger PMB sheath

I am not sure what this picture, taken in hurry as I went out the door, shows much but it is evidence that I am getting a pretty good basic fit from my software. 

This is about as boring as a dress can get but I hope you can see that I was able to get a nice upper chest fit automatically really and the software put the darts in the right place, although I did have to length the bottom of the bodice dart legs because I am tall. 

There is also a neat feature built-in that I used called "dart over-ride" this eliminates the little peak of fabric you get in the front of your armhole that tells you you need a FBA. The software picks this excess up and shoots it into the bust dart and the upper chest then sits flat.

A good start on some more basic patterns and kind of interesting to do.


Lori said...

Beautiful sheath dress.

Joyce in NC said...

Great looking sheath. I have PMB but I'm having problems with my basic sheath. I'm still working on it.

Jane M said...

Fantastic fit on this sheath. you may say boring but I say so chic! I'm working on fitting a sheath from a Big 4 pattern and can only hope to come close to this great fit.

Sharon said...

Beautiful fit through the top and and the bottom half looks good as well. Thank you for letting me know about the other garments.

Jan said...

Boring? I say Fantastic! I would remake this in every fabric/colour I could find. It looks fabulous on you.