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Monday, September 21, 2020

The Hygge collection one of the cardigans

 I am a great cardigan fan. 

Cardigans are useful to hang over the back of your sewing chair. They are handy when the dog decides to do an extra 3:00 am pee and you have to put on something over a night gown and stand in the dark, look at the stars and say "go pee, come on go pee" for a good 15 minutes. Cardigans are useful and comforting. This winter I think they are going to be the anchor players of my hygge wardrobe.

Here is one I made this week.

I styled this in the old T shirt and culottes I wore to clean the bathtub, just before this, yet another motorcycle shot, was taken. The random hair is due to a thyroid condition that has been unstable lately, but not much I can do about that. The fabric is a bamboo french terry that feels like this:

The pattern I used was this old standby from Patterns4pirates It is a cocoon cardigan obviously, but the fronts, unlike many cocoons, meets generously at centre front which is useful if you want to wrap it around yourself like I did here. It has front patch pockets big enough for a cell phone on one side and a dog leash on the other.

As a sew it is an extremely simple pattern. There is a back and two fronts and a giant band that goes all the way around. This band can be narrow or wide. In either case it is hard to get the bands not to fold in a bit around the curves so I actually prefer a wider band as it turns this into a sort of shawl collar. I did the narrow band here but the next version which I will post in the next day or so is with the wider bands.

Here is a shot that shows, sort of, what the inside looks like:

The serging that attaches the bands can show a bit when the cardigan opens up, so on the next version I actually hand stitched down the band on that one.

Since I made this cardigan I have put it on at some point in the day, every day. We all need to sew more clothes like that. And I will.


Lyndle said...

Lovely cardy. And your posts always make me smile, but this was a several-laughs-out-loud one. Thankyou.

Sally said...

Fun and pretty!

Nan said...

About the dog-pee-wait-and-wait-and-wait problem, find a copy of this book:
You Can Teach Your Dog to Eliminate on Command
by Marjorie L. Smith

I know, it sounds impossible, but it worked with every dog I ever had, and my friends' dogs, too. So easy to teach, and so helpful and convenient!

Just don't pick a command word that your dog will ever hear when/where you don't want him/her to eliminate. The suggested "PPC"is a good one. Nobody goes around saying "PPC" in casual conversation.

AND make sure that everybody who will ever be in charge of your dog knows not to say it when they don't really want the dog to eliminate right there, right then. Voice of experience speaking! :-)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cardigan, looks like a really good wardrobe addition. Also, I love your blue glasses! I smile every time I look at a picture of you wearing them. May have to get something fun next time I get new frames! It's time to have a little fun! signed Carol

Tobie said...

Please explain how your thyroid condition is affecting your hair. I do take synthroid and have been for many many years and this year I notice I am loosing so much hair-it's gotten very wispy. I used to have really thick hair so this is kind of distressing! Should I talk to my Dr about this?

Barbara said...

Tobie both hypothyroidism and synthroid itself are both listed as reasons for hair loss. If your dosage is right it is supposed to be less but I do notice that particularly when my dose is changed a lose a lot of hair. My mother has the same condition and the same, not much hair at all. My sisters and all the other family members with normal thyroids have thick beautiful hair. I have heard that low vitamin D and iron can also be associated with low thyroid and hair loss but can't verify that. Personally I am just accepting this as something that comes with the territory for me.