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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Flypaper thoughts: covid rules edition

  • My daughter is very smart
  • Yesterday she said to me
  • People who are doing OK right now
  • Are actually doing very, very well
  • Some odd decisions being made around the place
  • I dyed my hair on the advice of a 6 year-old
  • That's a pretty good example of what I mean
  • When small children chant "Do it, do it, do it"
  • Best not too
  • Particularly if this involves dyeing your hair
  • Or new moves on the trampoline
  • Take it from me
  • It seems to me the present times have new rules
  • Here are some of mine
  • Stripes don't need to be matched till next year
  • Current standard practice is to get out a pattern and fabric
  • Cut it half out and then put it away
  • And start something new and then decide the first project was more interesting
  • Until you realize that those little scraps you threw away
  • Were in fact the facings
  • Amazon prime must be making a killing
  • I ordered a $35 bar of shampoo soap 
  • To save the environment
  • It will come 2,000 miles on a plane
  • Figured it might fade the hair
  • Something has to
  • Also
  • It is sensible to spend hundreds of dollars on a projector to hang from the middle of the living room ceiling
  • To project digital patterns onto the fabric
  • To save money
  • More detailed explanation to follow one day
  • The Canada food rules have been revised to make rainbow sherbet its own food group
  • Store was out of popsicles
  • Someone must be hoarding
  • Two daily servings recommended
  • A lot of things are on hold
  • There are no challenge projects being started around here
  • And some things aren't getting deferred
  • I have decided to sew my 92 year-old mother a new wardrobe and mail it to her
  • And do you know about Jake?
  • An aging dog who went missing over the weekend
  • Sad signs on all the community mailboxes
  • "Help bring our boy home"
  • Well guess what
  • Jake turned up yesterday
  • Three nights unaccounted for
  • Travelled several neighbourhoods over
  • But Jake beat the odds and is home
  • I knew a man once who was suddenly let go from a job 
  • He was middle aged and devastated
  • In angst for months
  • Then his dream job appeared
  • He went from selling newspaper ads 
  • To selling sailboats
  • Which is what he wanted to do since he was 14
  • What he said to me was very interesting
  • If he had known for those hard months
  • That things would work out just fine
  • He would have enjoyed the summer
  • A lesson there
  • One I had not considered
  • But I think Jake did


Sarah Wale said...

Great family stories, wonderful philosophy and excellent advice. Your household sounds like ours ... we are so blessed! Thank you, Barbara.

Helen Marshall said...

Thankyou Barbara! For various reasons that I need not bore you with I am finding life a bit tough right now. I'll remember Jake's story; it helped. Best wishes to you and your family.

Leigh in Portland (we are not burning down) said...

Good for Jake!

You got one of those projector thingies! I want to hear all about it. I hear about that and just wonder why it's better. Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. Sometimes it is just too much effort to figure out. I'll stick with my taped together downloads for now.

Sue said...

Thank you. Your wit, humor, words of wisdom, and hair color are getting me through the pandemic.

Alison G said...

Odd decisions abounding here, definitely. I suspect the look of my recent sewing projects is going to be recognisable in the future. Will fashion historians be writing theses on Covid Style in decades to come? There are lots of people writing for posterity just now. I'm sewing for posterity, just thinking about the next day's project, and the next century, not the tricky bit in between.

JustGail said...

Now I'm curious what color you dyed your hair that fading would be good... I wonder if Jake's tail wags a bit harder and he "smiles" more when he's asked about his adventure. Part of me envies his adventure (when do I get an adventure?), another part hopes not too much fun so he doesn't go on another (safety first?). I wish I knew why unknown future events are often so much scarier in our minds, than what eventually really happens...

Anna said...

Åh, Barbara. Your flypaper thoughts hit the spot extra well sometimes. Thank you for putting them out there.
Love from Sweden.

sallygardens said...

Thank you. Just what I needed.

Lisa - SF Bay Area said...

Barbara, that is WONDERFUL news about the stripes!!! Now I can really enjoy sewing with them!

ps. Don't you just wear a hat all the time when you go outside? It solves a lot of hair issues (and creates a few more). Also helps me see with my cataracts.

Marcia Swanston said...

Hi there Barb,
First, wasn't it great that Jake came home. I was feeling quite sad about him wandering around frantically! I saw the poster every day at the dog park and so hoped he would make it home.
Secondly, if you are trying to get rid of orange - I have a bottle of purple shampoo, only partially really worked to get my hair back to near normal, after a botched job at a salon just as hairdressers opened up for after the lockdown. I'll deliver if you like!

Barbara said...

Thanks Marcia, I think I am fading on my own. yes great news about Jake!

GwenVK said...

Head & Shoulders removes dye really well. Just for future reference. I love the story about the fellow selling sailboats and Jake, the dog. Yes, new rules for living and I'm sending people ready-to-bake apple crisp topping by mail with instructions. Seems like that's what they need.

Unknown said...

We are only doing online ordering/curbside pickup and remember a month ago being shocked that my Rainbow Sherbet was not in stock :( Luckily, it was available the next week. Just scraping out the last of that tub now (its all mine, my husband doesn't like it!) We've been lucky that our 8.5 month old granddaughter (1st and only) lives only 20 minutes away and has a backyard for our visits. The virus in our area looks fairly good on paper, but since we live in a vacation area (Muskoka, Ontario), we have no clue about the amount virus in our community - cases are reported by permanent address, not where the test was taken. My husband and I would be considered hypervigilant by many, but I don't think so and we don't really care (at least we're in agreement with each other). We are kind of tired of saying "told you so". The bursting of the "social bubble" will be next - it was always a wrong-headed idea as long as just one person goes to work with others. I apologize for the rant. Thank you for your thoughts and I too should get to work on some "hygge" clothes.