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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The hygge collection continued

 Can you stand it?

I have allowed myself to go a bit nutty on some anticipation of winter nesting clothing, aka my hugge collection, and am cutting out and making simple clothes for staying in.

I am working with random bits of fabric from the shelves, fabric that was long designated for other projects that I never got around to, and simple patterns.

This one, another of my motorcycle shots, was made in some DBP (double brushed poly) that I picked up somewhere.

Now I never really sew or wear polyester. It doesn't breathe and I like to. However this stuff is so soft and cozy. I have made a few tops to wear in colder weather from it that I love. When the girls come over they go into my closet and pull these tops and put them on and generally wear them home. Eventually I get them back.

In keeping with the being home and comfortable I actually made this top out of a pyjama top pattern- the top half of Jalie 4016 Knit PJ set the Jeanne. I liked the high neckline and cuffs. It seems to me that this is a good basewear long sleeved T- shirt type thing that I could wear under a sweater or a cardigan. 

Here is the pattern envelope:

On my lower half, if you are interested, I have on a cropped version of the Jalie Simone wide legged pants. I found them a bit overwhelmingly wide as pants but quite like them cropped. It is a nice pattern and I believe would make good shorts, something I will do for next year. Here it is:

I really should warn you I am pretty out of control in the comfortable sewing department. I made two more tops yesterday during a sewing day with my friend and scrounged up some fabric and pieced together another two today. You can look forward to those pictures soon.

I am pretty sure that this type of sewing is my version of a squirrel putting away nuts for winter. I intend to insulate myself from world events in friendly garments.

What's next of course in the Hugge collection? Knitted slippers? 

Come on. Really?

But funny you should say that. Knit while I watched a Norwegian series which was interesting in itself as I do not speak Norwegian. Or knit particularly well.


BarbaraShowell said...

I too felt a disdain for polyester until I met DBP. I made a couple tops that are very comfy, but the big surprised - I used some leftover for my first self drafted panty. They are the best ever, all through summer! I think poly has changed since I first learned to hate it!

Kari said...

I enjoy reading your texts! As a Norwegian, I have to mention that what you refer to as Hugge, in Norwegian and Danish is spelt 'hygge' (noun), and it means, as you say, something nice, cosy, warm. The adjective is 'hyggelig'. Very much used in colloqial language here. With Norwegian greetings from Kari

Lesley said...

what is the Norwegian series you are watching? We have been watching "Young Wallander" which is somewhat disturbingly in English but supposedly takes place in Sweden. Go figure!

beckster said...

Hey, Barbara, what Norwegian show did you watch? I love some of those Scandinavian shows, so I am curious. I have been turning my nose up at DBP, but I guess I should stop that! I love your new view on sewing things that are perfect for staying at home during the pandemic in the winter. May as well go with the flow, yeah?

Sherry said...

Way to go! You've obviously been gifted this year with some 2020 lemons and have figured out how to turn them into Hugge lemonade. Love your slippers!!! I always enjoy your posts and Flypaper Thoughts. Thank you for continuing to write them.

Barbara said...

Kari thank you for the correction, I knew that I think and got distracted by the usual North American implication. Will make that correction now!

Barbara said...

It's a series called Wisting on GEM which is sort of a CBC Netflix.

M-C said...

Love those slippers! I usually crochet them because that's thicker, and easier (drops has tons of free slipper patterns) but they're the most hyggelig of all 😁. Let me also recommend Occupied from Norway, and Borgen from Denmark. But I can't knit while watching them because I don't understand anything

Nethwen said...

You might enjoy The Simple Heist, if people doing immoral things as comedy doesn't bother you. It isn't in English, but there are subtitles. It's about a middle-aged doctor and teacher who are friends, both women, who feel under-appreciated and find themselves in financial and relationship difficulty. When they come into possession of plans to rob a bank, hijinks ensue.

/anne... said...

We're slowly coming out of winter lockdown here in Melbourne. My suggestion is to buy a couple of pairs of sturdy slippers with arch support; lots of people here have ended up with aching feet due to wearing nonsupporting slippers for weeks on end. And two pairs, because they can get whiffy and need to air out regularly. If you're the sort of person who wears shoes in the house (sneakers etc.), that will work too!