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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Review of Jalie 3905 the Gisele round neck top and Jalie 3908 Simone wide-legged pants

I made the new Jalie Simone wide-legged pants and the Gisele round neck top as a set for comfortable travelling.

Here are the line drawings and pattern pieces:

They were both very easy sews and gave me an outfit for sleeping around airports and life that is a comfortable as pyjamas but considerably more stylish. I used a rayon challis from Fabricville for the top and a washed cotton/linen, also from Fabricville for the pants.

The top first.

This is such a simple top but has some really nice details. The 3/4 length gathered sleeves obviously, my favourite sleeve length because I can't drag my sleeves into things like dishwater, and the neat hem treatment, with a slight higher at the front thing that is actually quite flattering.

This is a no darts top but fairly wide so I didn't have any issues with pulling over the bust. I went and made my husband do an out side shot with my arms out so you could see the width of the top, and the pants, better:

 I would note though that the neckline is quite wide, fine for people who don't have my scrawny shoulders, so I might bring in the neckline in about an inch each side next version so I have bra covering security, and in this one I will probably go back and add lingerie guards #borninthe1950s

If I make the neckline smaller next time at the neck edge I will probably implement the back neck vent - something I eliminated here.

I made two changes to my version of the pants.

First I just couldn't bring myself to put a bow on over my stomach. Just couldn't do it. I have devoted years of my life to trying to de-emphasize my belly and it seemed pretty late in the game to deviate from that mission.

Also in the linen cotton I thought for sure a bow would be too stiff. That said the next version will be in a tercel twill so I may try the tie in something more drapey.

I also cut these off short and made them sort of long culottes. The pants version are really wide and I decided recently in a lay over in San Francisco when I observed every woman but myself was wearing cropped pants to try that look myself.

These elastic waist, slim at the hips, pocket included culottes/crops were perfect I thought for real world wear

I am probably going to try the full length in the tercel, but in the meantime I am very happy with these. I like full shorts so stay tuned for a shorts version soon - maybe even a longer short to wear at the golf course, that might be interesting.


Sandra said...

These look great! I love the style of the top and the fabric you chose, I am putting this pattern on my to do list.
Thank you for reviewing the Julie patterns for us, I have just acquired the Helen sweater pattern and the Tania jacket one that you recently reviewed. I love yours!
Now to get sewing...

Jan said...

I absolutely love those pants!

Patty said...

Great looking outfit, love the pants!