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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review of Jalie 3902 Nicole knit dress

The new Jalie Nicole knit dress reminds me so much of two of my all time favourite knit dresses, bought 30 years ago from Landsend, and worn until they more or less fell off my body.

I liked them so much because they were comfortable, I didn't need to iron them, and I could wear one unit under a jacket to work and still look as professional as I get.

This was the exact same pattern. Here are the line drawings and pattern pieces:

This pattern is a classic case where it might make sense to be a bit strategic about the size you choose. I note that someone with a strong bust line, since the dress goes pretty straight down front the bust, will have more waist/ hip room, as you can see in this pattern cover shot. The drapes fabric also facilitates this too:

For someone like myself, who has a hip/ lower waist measurement very close to my bust measurement, and made up in a fairly firm cotton/lycra, the fit across the lower body is fairly close, right where belly/bum wise I am very curvy:

I love this picture of me - this is the face of a person whose daughter has just suggested Spanx.

Nope, nope and nope. This body has had three kids and one hysterectomy and deserves to just be itself. I am standing firm on that one, even if it's the only firm going on here.

Point taken though. See how the back of this dress rides up? That's because I have a lot of shape back there.

So I know exactly what I am going to do. Just like I moved up a few sizes in the Lisette skirt (love those 20 plus sizes) to get exactly the ease I want, I will be sewing this again in one or two sizes up. 

That should make it just right.

I am so happy to have my favourite dress back and love the look of the mock turtle neck and the short sleeves.


auschick said...

Body confidence is a great thing! Hopefully it is easy to work out the adjustment for your next one!

Julie Culshaw said...

If you size up, won't it get sloppy? you could slash over the bum area and add a bit of length there. I wouldn't sacrifice the good fit for a slight alteration. It looks good as is.

Kansas Sky said...

I remember those Land's End dresses!!! I got a couple new ones every year, and with a rotation of various belts made any number of outfits. The knit interlock fabric on those is not easy to find today, and I'll bet if they re-issued them, they'd be in that flimsy stuff that is ubiquitous now. This dress . . . could it make me change my mind about dresses in my current wardrobe? Not sure . . . Yours is pretty spiffy, though!!!

Sue said...

I love this dress. I know that you see flaws, I see someone who is wearing a style that makes her happy. Thanks for testing and writing the reviews. This has jumped to the front of he queue.

SheilaM said...

Hi Babs, love the dress, but is it the Knit dress or the Nicole dress as that is where the link goes to?

I also think the dress looks great on you and making an adjustment for the size of your posterior would be better than sizing up and making it hang much looser on you! Also, good news, at least your bum is bigger than your tummy...... :-) Keep up the great reviews, I now have a long list for jalie and hope they have a sale soon then I will splurge.