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Saturday, August 5, 2017

On a TNT mission

Every once in a while there comes a time when you really need a few patterns that can be made up mindlessly in multiples.

I have decided golf outfits fall into that category.

The golf clothes you buy, at great expense considering what they are made of, are not grabbing me. I have some "breathable" polyester athletic fabric I picked up at the amazing Northwest Fabrics when I was last in Winnipeg, but I seriously doubt if it is as breathable as natural fibres. However once I have the pattern side nailed down I am going to try it out. We will see. I have been around the fibre content block a few times in my sewing career and I am a polyester skeptic when it comes to hot weather comfort.

However since golf fashions appear to be updated only about every 80 years (although I note that Augusta will allow some women only if they have skirts that cover their knees - not that this matters to me as I believe I remember I am boycotting them for political reasons anyway-they don't have a good attitude to my people- and they are boycotting me for the reason I can't really play golf) it seems like a good investment to figure out some basic golf patterns that I can trust and churn out - since I am married to Arnold Palmer.

So I decided to start somewhere.

To begin with I used Jalie's older pattern for a polo shirt. Jalie has a nice fit on me always and this is a traditional tab front without buttons, a stand collar (to get around the taped neckline you usually see in facingless tab fronts), and a fairly pointy collar. 

Since this was a purely wearable muslin for me, and since it has been atypically hot here this summer, I used a a thin rayon knit I had that obviously would have been better served in a less structured design. Even though I interfaced both the collar and tabs the neckline is too floppy for me and I think the stand and collar are a bit dated and not quite the golfy look I was going for. 

Also this neckline is too low on me. As you can see my genetics are showing through in my chicken neck and boney chest - this is the neckline of my Prairie farm ancestry - this is the neck of generations of women who cut the lawn at 90 and canned vegetables when they were using walkers. But all good sewers.

You know exactly what I mean:

The patch is a terrible fail but at this point I just wanted to finish the pattern and wear it to test the fit. 

I have to say however that this shirt was super comfortable in the heat yesterday, and as long as I kept moving and didn't run into anyone who sewed I figured I was OK wearing it on the course. But of course am on the hunt for a better pattern to use for my purposes. I have downloaded another version from Burdastyle and will try that next. I might even have to go vintage pattern hunting to find what I need.

For the golf skirt I used Jalie's new Loulouex skort. I made it up once with just adding 1 1/2 " but really it was way too short - you have to remember that there is a lot of bending over in golf - so this version is lengthened by a full 4 1/2". 

The thing is of course that there is a panel in the front that is straight and the sides and back are essentially a circle. In a short skirt this is cute, but I think when lengthened this is maybe a bit much. However since this is a knit garment and so fast and easy to sew it is worth some pattern adaption.

I am thinking of maybe slashing and overlapping that back piece to reduce the circle to something more A line. I am also not sure if it needs to be a little shorter too.

The pattern also has an attached set of boxer short things with a band around the legs and an interesting and very comfortable square crotch insert.

63 year old legs I know, purely shared for educational content
The pattern also suggests the whole unit be made out of a stretchy bathing suit knit but I figured right away if I did that I would expire in the heat. So as a compromise I made the shirt in a nylon knit, sort of a leggings, heavy swimwear with a matte finish, and the shorts in the same rayon knit as the top. Test wearing this was very cool and comfortable.

BTW since I was deep into just testing in this outfit I used the opportunity to play around with my new Juki cover hem machine. There are double and triple needle cover hems all over both pieces with both the needle side right side up and the looper side up in various places. Bit random but good practice.

So where this golf outfit quest stands is at the beginning.

I need to try new patterns and find some decent sources for the right fabrics.

I also am in desperate need for a good hat pattern. Sort of a visor but one what covers the crown of my head.

I have a large collection of hats but none of them are right. I have a big head, probably stuffed with too many project intentions, and I need a hat that doesn't hurt and shades my face well too.

Any suggestions of a hat, or golf outfit patterns, that I can make for myself would be most appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Your skort looks perfect as it is. Well done.
Vancouver Barbara

sewingkm said...

Aren't you happy that you sew? With your mad skills you will be able to create the perfect golfing outfit. The only issue is finding appropriate fabric and I can relate to this quest. Living in hot, humid Houston, TX I am continuously trying out appropriate ones that are man-made. It is hard so good luck!!! I must add that you are definitely one of my favorite bloggers. Karen

Jodie said...

Okay - wading in here. I agree with you about the comfort factor of the "sport" fabrics. I always feel more comfortable in something that at least appears to be a NATURAL fibre. I will say the polyesters have gotten better in my 15 years of work sewing - perhaps something with some rayon in it?
For the skirt - I think the length is right but something more a-line might suit. Or you could go a little longer, something crisper and do a-line with box pleats to allow movement.
For the top - you have some good patterns with a v-neck, how about adding a collar to the top of it like this photo https://goo.gl/images/CiHSDS
to make it more "golf-ish".

Hope this helps. I'm at "back to school" sewing for myself and have another dress I'm hoping to cut out before a last holiday and then start my "summer homework" before heading back to the grind. Love your posts! I'm glad to hear that Northwest Fabrics in Winnipeg is still open - I did my Home Ec. degree there in Fashion Studies and I loved the bargain section there. Miss it and we don't have anything to compare to it in Edmonton Area.

Take care!

Mary said...

Vogue has a flat cap pattern that reminds me golfing - V9044. McCalls 6521 looks like it might work (E view) with some modifications. KwikSew 3481 also might work (C view).

LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

Here’s a few:
Burda Polo Shirt http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/short-sleeve-polo-shirt-042010
Custom Fit Lekala Polo Shirt
Skort: KwikSew 3232 https://www.amazon.com/K3232-Skort-Sewing-Pattern-Cardigan/dp/B00889QL30
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I think the circle in the back skirt has an adorable Icescapades vibe to it, but perhaps not serious enough for golf? Went and looked for my favorite hat pattern but it has been put in a safe place, evidently. If it shows up I will get back to you as it has a perfect super sunny day visor cap and sizing that allows me to fit my big noggin.


Kay said...

I like the skort. When I first saw the pattern you used I wondered how the flared skirt back would look lengthened. I think it looks great! Very flirty.

I have a tendency to jump around when I read - I hopped over to the Jalie site to look at the patterns after reading the first paragraph. I immediately thought of Jalie 2796 Multi-Sport Skort (lengthened, of course) for the bottom. On its description page, under You May Also Like: they showed 2215 Assorted Activewear. It has both skirt with attached panty (OK, maybe you want to use the shorts from your current pattern) and a collared pullover. It's only available as a PDF but it is cute.

Happy hunting!

annie said...

I made a skort out of a pattern that I'm not able to find. Why do I want to say it was a KwikSew and no older than 3 years. This summer I bought a long-discontinued (1993) Butterick 245. It has 12 hats in the one pattern, such as baseball caps and variations on that including one with elastic and a bow in the back and a wide brimmed bucket hat. Maybe this will help you in your quest.

Robert Kahan said...

Just love the skort as is, and the top is good, but as you say, another fabric. I think you look great, 63 or not! Love your blog! Cathie!

Dawn said...

I made the other Jalie skort this summer for power walking (2796?) and wearing to Physio appointments. I lengthened it a bit, used a thinner workable for the shorts and slightly heavier one for the skirt. Love it. It's more A line and that's more my style. I am now a "skort instead of shorts" woman.

Marney said...

Another sewer and golfer here and 63 too. Husband is "mad keen" about being on the course. If you can find a source for fabrics please share. I too live in Canada and activewear just doesn't do it. I finally used a soft knit for the body of the shirt and a stiffer fabric for the tab and collar. Not quite what I want but better than the floppy messes I was making. I love your skort. Mine is an out of print McCalls. Much too short on me but with flat panels over the shorts. Yours looks really lovely. I envy you your long legs. Really all more difficult when you are just 5 ft and a bit chunkier. Thanks for blogging. One of my favourites.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I have an out of print Kwik Sew # 3056 that might work for your golf shirt. You are welcome to share it. What I plan to sew and what I actually get done are two very different stories these days.Let me know and I'll get it to you.

Donna E

SuzieB said...

Have you looked at McCalls 4467 - from 1975? Basically just a v-neck with collar attached which may be what you said you were trying to avoid.

Anne said...

I have made TONS of golf skorts. Way more than my golfing ability would require. The best basic is KS 3232 already mentioned. I have changed and adapted it many, many times with deeper pockets, etc. Also try V 1247. Looks weird on the hanger, but works well once you have it on. I tried the Jalie pattern you tried and agree it doesn't work. It is fine for a short "running skirt", hopeless when lengthened for golf. It does, however, have the best pattern for the "shorts". The patterns for the "shorts in the KS and V patterns, were not nearly as good. I have had good luck with cotton spandex for the "shorts" and good luck with the "performance" fabrics for the skirt itself. Somehow the combination works for me. I have also "copied" many, many skorts from friends. The shapes are so simple, I can trace them off easily.
Good luck. This is a category you can easily get addicted to :>)

Cindy H said...

Hi Barb I think great minds think alike as I made two golf skorts with this Jalie pattern and the same polo t-shirt pattern for golf tops! I'm 5'10", so I had to lengthen the skort which was challenging because of the style, I didn't want a fuller skirt ! I added length to the top of the skort, it is quite comfortable, I was impressed with the finished skort . The best complement of course came from my husband when I told him I was making golf skorts for our trip to South Carolina he was skeptical but was quite impressed with the finished outfits! I used a rayon/ poly/ Lycra for the skorts it seams to work well - nice drape for this particular style and comfortable-I also liked the shorts that come with this pattern quite comfortable and they don't ride up! I just used cotton knits for the tops and shorts as I prefer cotton to the polyester that most of the sport clothing is made out of. I actually used the vogue 1247 to draft pockets in the Jalie as one needs good sized pockets on the course!

mary said...

Have you sewn hats before? The lady who blogs as "meggipeg" made an interesting shade hat/visor thingy, using a pattern called the coco cap. Pattern company is Naughty Bobbin Patterns.
If you make it, post please.
Mary in Thailand

Allison said...

Check out Peak Fabrics on line. They are located in Alberta and sell some very nice 'workout' fabrics that might work well.

Allison in BC