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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I can't not share this:



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! As a former newspaper person I recall interviewing candidates for city council and being asked about whether I dyed or curled my hair. Good lord. I'm glad this man is drawing attention to the issue.

Lynn said...

This is wonderful. He is definitely a thinking man and a true feminist.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for sharing this! Women get so much criticism for stuff that just doesn't matter, stuff the boys don't have to even consider. Thanks again, Kate

mrsmole said...

I lived a couple miles from there back in 1971 and it rained so much he would have had to have worn rain gear to cycle to work. What a hoot...men can get away with so much.

garnet128 said...

We have known this for eons and it just proves again that we ladies are truly the stronger sex. We deal with it, step above it and move on to bigger and more important things. And look good doing it! Haha.

Ok, I am really NOT trying to be antagonistic. But don't you think that things like this put a little fight in us therefore making us stronger. In current day we still have to dress, talk and think better to get equal parts/jobs/pay. Maybe its not such a bad thing. As a 58 year old female I feel more empowered from my fight, and I am grateful for that strength.


JoAnne Witt said...

An Australian TV host did this as well. He wanted to draw attention that he didn't face the same scrutiny as his female cohost.

OzAnnie said...

Interesting. I can't help but wonder if men wore more colourful suits, shirts and ties, would they not become the subject of criticism. And if a woman was to wear the same suit for a year, no matter what the colour, how long would it be before she would be criticised for her boring wardrobe?

Personally, I don't think it matters what people wear as long as their choice is appropriate, they are comfortable wearing their choice and they look neat and tidy. (By appropriate, I mean suit for business, board shorts for the beach, casual clothes for relaxation etc.)

The critics are what they are - looking for a headline to sell a story or get attention.