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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flypaper Saturday thoughts from the RV

First some pictures from the week.

My traveling companions, early to bed etc. Note this is the little dog who used to run out of the room when a man entered it. They sleep like that all night.

Yes you can cook in a tiny kitchen. Or at least my cook can. Here is made from scratch pizza, all I did was the eating.

Now onto what is sticking to my mind at the moment:

  • Three more papers to mark and I am back into sewing.
  • Have had my eye on Talia pants ever since I saw them.
  • Cut out and ready to go.
Oh and here is my mobile sewing studio. Cup holders great for notions:

And here is where I go to plot projects:

Back to flypaper, see the brain gets a bit scattered:

  • You know you are getting older when you send home a picture of the beach
  • And three kids, two sons and your daughter-in-law, send back messages about remembering to wear sunscreen
  • Also going to finish my Granville shirt
  • No buttonhole on this machine
  • Should I freehand the buttonholes or wait till I get home?
  • It takes 10 times as long to mark a paper with issues than one that doesn't
  • Excellent is easier to write than this is what you could have done
  • Or should have
  • Nothing you learn from is a mistake
  • They should pad the corners on RV cupboards
  • I figured out why older couples all have dogs
  • They want to still refer to themselves as Mommy and Daddy
  • If you have a quiet man and want him to talk
  • Put him on a putting green and ask him for advice
  • Even just once
  • No silence for the next 17 holes
  • Except your own
  • It is amazing how in a small space without much gear  you miss nothing
  • Owner before me was an excellent housekeeper
  • Four feet of carpet and we have a central vac
  • Note Vado flare jeans have knee and hem settings so they don't have to be flares
  • Interesting
  • I can't bring myself to make flares
  • I know a bell bottom when I see one
  • Makes me think of the King of Rock and Roll
  • Not someone I ever had a lot in common with
  • Almost certain that man never canned anything
  • Ever
  • Or anyone asked him to babysit
  • Blue Christmas is pretty awesome however
  • Excellent to sing when you are home alone
  • Not that my own Christmas are blue
  • Generally too oblivious for that
  • When you are making a slim pant and your waist is larger than it should be
  • Or your hips are smaller
  • I like the sound of that better
  • Which one do you go with if you are lazy?
  • Or sewing in an RV which is the same thing
  • Generally I make for the hip and add to the waist
  • However 1" of hip ease in a pattern not enough 
  • If you pick up dog poop during the day
  • Or can
  • We're going with pattern for the waist folks
  • See how that goes
  • BTW never worry about leaving negative comments about my projects here
  • After all I sewed it, not gave birth to it
  • Wonder if Winn Dixie has mangos at 10 for $10 yet?
  • Better check
  • Some of my students are smarter than I am
  • Pretty sure that's the way it is supposed to be
  • Which reminds me
  • Got to finish that marking before I sew pants on my tiny table
  • Off I go


Anonymous said...

Love your viewpoint on life. That pizza looks fabulous.

Julie Culshaw said...

Hmm, I would guess that Leo doesn't have to make any bathroom trips during the night. If he does, you get crushed. Don't think I could survive an RV for longer than a week.

celkalee said...

You are a rock star, despite the fear of flares! Love the beach, the dog, and the fella too!

Dorothy G said...

Options for buttonholes:
1. Go to your local sewing machine dealer and ask to demo machines with buttonholes - try them on the shirt....
2. Find a "Ruby Buttonholer" - it allows you to make buttonholes on straight stitch machines. A quick check of ebay shows them available for $12-15 US.
Good luck!

meandaquamarine said...

I look forward to your posts.
Your observations on life are profound.
Maybe not profound but funny.
Funny and true.
Makes my day sometimes.
Make the pants.
I'm waiting.

Birdmommy said...

For the Granville shirt: could you do snaps instead of buttons?

I was eyeing the Talia pants too. Then I noticed that the pants included with Vogue 8983 have the same hip and ankle ease as the Talias in my size, so I turned the darts and faced waist into an elastic waist (and messed with the wretched Vogue crotch curve), and now I have a nice pattern for slouchy linen pants. Vogue says they are 'semi-fitted' and does not recommend drapey fabric. Silly Vogue.

I also have... narrow hips, and find I have more success if I go with the hip size instead of my waist. If I use my waist measurement I find the legs are too baggy, even in a loose pant.

Nursebennett said...

Love your posts! I'm sad, missing my RV days, as we adopted my grandson ( then four, now six) and had to sell motor home and give up travel. We did live in ours full time for slightly over a year and I loved it! While in Indiana once I found a fantastic vintage machine with attachments at a thrift store, bought it, went immediately to fabric store and got fabric, pattern, thread, then to Wal-Mart for a simple sewing notions kit and happily sewed the rest of the trip. Your posts bring back such happy memories for me. Enjoy your time!

Linda said...

Just curious - do you (can you?) sew as you drive along?

Wendy said...

Re: flares: I remember the way they flap and make noise. No need to experience them again.

Anne Frances said...

And the hardest/longest assignments of all to mark are those which are neither very good nor very bad, just bland. How do you say "be more sparkling" or "be more original" or "enlarge your vocabulary (but use the words with their correct meaning)" or "express your own point of view"? Indeed how do you say "I *want* you to be cleverer than me!"? Good luck Anne

SuzieB said...

Love the pic of hubby & Daisy!
That pizza qualifies as food porn. My hubs is on some low carb diet & I've sunk to sneaking potatoes for lunch when he's not around!
Yum on mangos. Make frozen mango daiquiris. (Does this date me much???)