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Friday, April 10, 2015

Babs gone AWOL: flypaper thoughts

  • The good thing about teaching online is I can work when I am in Florida
  • The bad thing about teaching online is that I am working when I am in Florida
  • Full-time this visit
  • Might be reviewing that for next year
  • Great visit with the son's future in-laws over Easter
  • He has brought new friends into our lives
  • Made a Slip on Suzie once I realized it was not summer in Maryland
  • Made two standard sized muslins for the flower girl dresses
  • This way I can try them on four little girls and see how the basic pattern needs to be adjusted
  • Let's have a shout out for public libraries
  • I belong here and they are amazing
  • Where else in life are there so many super helpful people trying to give you a good time for free?
  • Moved RV parks
  • From the golf cart crowd to the bike riding crowd
  • More room to spread out
  • More our crowd
  • Becoming friends with my dad's best friend
  • Weird stuff happens as you move along
  • Amazing how many things don't matter anymore
  • Was decided in DC that I will be wearing merlot to the wedding
  • As in fabric not being sloppy with the drinks
  • I can do that
  • Lady in G Street most helpful
  • Going for a long skirt thing and a beaded/lacey top
  • That way my head won't explode with the fitting
  • No point in having a mother-of-the-groom with an exploded head
  • Everyone else is taking dancing lessons for the reception
  • My chances of getting the husband to do that are slim to none
  • He is of the generation of men who think dancing has to do with facial expression not foot placement
  • I usually disguise my rhythm by dancing with the kids
  • Those four flower girls are going to come in handy
  • Folks will just think I am an ace grandmother 
  • Corelle dishes are unbreakable until they break
  • Then we are talking a million shatters
  • Started on a second crochet top
  • Just got to watch the how to sew it up video
  • Still snowing at home
  • Not here
  • Off I go


Bunny said...

Thanks for the shout out to us library ladies! We live to dig up odd information that people desperately need. You know, like this week's "do you have a book on Satanic weddings?" Never a dull moment!

Enjoy that vakay, Barb. Sounds like it has been non stop for you.

Carol in Denver said...

So many things to comment on! But, I will second your accolades for the public library. I always get such a feeling of bounty when I use the library, as in "How bountiful are the things available to me!" The Denver Public Library seems to be encouraging their libraries to be community centers, with classes, group get-togethers, lectures, etc. More bounty.

Marie D. said...

Completely understand about the biking versus golf cart thing. Your merlot outfit will be stunning (and will mask any wine stains). Sounds like it was a good trip but for my own selfish reasons, I'm glad you're back online. Yours is the first blog I go to, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

Barb, your flypaper comment about dancing made me smile. i had two elderly aunties who used to dance together at all the family weddings. I don't know how they decided who would lead but they loved to dance and lead footed husbands weren't going to stop them.

The snow is melting here in NS but not fast enough.
Donna E

Anonymous said...

Libraries do indeed rock! And I like the long skirt and lacey top thingie - that means two great pieces you may get to wear agaion with other separates - good plan. There should be more dancing in the world.

Shelly said...

Your wedding outfit sounds delicious. I'm with everyone else on the library I love using ours. And I have to ask what's a Slip on
Suzie? I've never heard of it.

lsaspacey said...

Ditto on what is a Slip on Suzie?