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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why I am here

For those of you in Nova Scotia or parts near there this will not be news, to you but that part of the world has been under snow siege. A fellow in a neighbourhood like mine took this shot:

This is actually not funny anymore. Schools have been closed too many days to count and there is an indefinite parking ban on all the streets.

Under these conditions I am not over emphasizing how nice it is here when we talk to home. But privately I am just so glad we came down here early this year. My husband is able to take it easy and the weather is helping his hips. I just can't imagine how he would have managed shovelling all that snow. He is the kind of guy who would go out and do it even when he shouldn't.

My youngest son's girlfriend is in our house and taking care of things. Her facebook status is "sore arms" or "listening to tunes and shovelling." She is a wonderful gardener and is starting all my transplants for me to be ready when I get back (we are going mega vegetable this year - even threatening to put some raised beds in the front yard).

In exchange I am making her dresses for the wedding. Here is what she is thinking of:

Like this but sleeveless. I have to figure out how to negotiate the fit around the neck and armhole while maintaining the blouson, will probably make a muslin for that.

This looks pretty simple to sew but not sure how to rig it. The obvious choice is a lot of draping, and eventually I want to do this in a good fine knit, but I figure this might be tricky to keep it from being too bulky. Not sure if I want to break my head with a ton of muslins but draping seems obvious. And there is the wrap part. Thinking I might amalgamate a top and skirt pattern. Would like a pattern to launch me. Any ideas?

So thats what's percolating around here.

Also a Daisy update. She is doing very, very well. This is a nice simple life for her here. Walk on the beach, eat, sleep, walk on the beach, eat, sleep. Repeat. My husband built a set of stairs so she could go in and out of the RV more easily and there are lots of dogs here which she loves.

The shattered soul we rescued from the puppy mill is long gone. It's amazing what a year being safe can do. 

I was walking her a few days ago and a huge black Newfoundland lay down in front of her (the dog submission thing) Daisy just marched up and started to play. The owner laughed and said to me "That little one's full of piss and vinegar isn't she?"

If only he knew.


patsijean said...

When is the wedding? If in the fall, you could keep the sleeves which I think are very pretty, and keep the length classy which will give them more use after the wedding. I like that she wants this to look like a wedding instead of a prom and this style will look great on many body types. I would bring in the width of the boat neck or they will have strap and slipping off the shoulder problems throughout the occasion. The dress is two sections with a dartless skirt and the darts rotated to the waist in the bodice. Large busted girls will still need a FBA. You could start with this pattern, redrafting the neckline and armhole. The rest is done. http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v8241-products-5032.php?page_id=857

wendy said...

I don't have a pattern in mind for the draped dress but I would start with Marfy.

Jodie said...

Hi Barb....yes, I think I'd rather be where you are rather than Nova Scotia. Such extreme weather! Anyway, I have a coupe pattern suggestions for you. Not exact but a start...
So for the blouson, try the Sewaholic Saltspring dress. It has the blousing effect and I think does it with a shorter lining piece.
For the gathered knit dress....try Vogue 1259 but you would need to really play around there. I agree that the lightweight knit fabric will be essential to make the dress work. Maybe a silk blend?

Nice to hear that both your husband and Daisy are doing well. Enjoy your time away, take care

Moni said...

Is vogue 8241 similar ?

SuzieB said...

I wore that teal dress to a wedding in 1983 - same color, with sleeves! This silhouette seems to be in style again.

As for the long dress, have you looked at vintage sarong dress patterns? I found several that looked interesting for the skirt.

Judi Pinkham said...

Thanks for the Daisy update! I got teary eyed. Because I'm thankful you found her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Daisy update. And of course delighted that her humans are also enjoying the nicer weather. Unbelievable snow picture!


Laceflower said...

To me, the teal dress looks too matronly for a young woman. Send her to the fabric store to look through patterns; she may see something she likes a lot and you won't have to make up the pattern.
The east is sure getting walloped with weather; glad you all are enjoying your early Florida retreat.

Leigh Wheeler said...

Holy Moly that is a lot of snow!!!

LOVE your fabrics. Especially that first one. and the silk jersey. Yum!

So good to hear a Daisy update. What a sweet and lucky girl after all that. My mom does border collie rescue, and has kept a couple of them. She thinks that the rescues are more thankful in their daily lives. It sure seemed true with my little corgi rescue.