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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to our children

I admit to some ambivalence about Mother's Day. No disrespect to my wonderful inspirational mother or to my sweet mother-in-law who happens to be visiting with me now.

The thing is I figure mothers don't need to be thanked, children are such a gift.

One part of that gift is what the experience does to you and who you are.

So here is my list. Please feel free to add to it. You know you are a mother when:

  • You are eighty and you still tell strange kids to do up their jackets
  • You have saved that single small mitt you knit for them when they were two, even though that kid now has kids of their own
  • You have at least sat down one million times and before your bum hits the couch someone yells "Moooom" and you get up again
  • You have at least two million times said "Don't yell, come here and tell me what you want"
  • You have made sandwiches with your coat on
  • You are an expert in some sport that you a) never played yourself b) never were the least bit interested in yourself
  • Your favourite room in the house is the bathroom because it has a lock
  • You are sure you have spent more time in your car than your house
  • You go into their room when they have left home to sniff their pillow and tell your husband you were just in there folding laundry
  • You have learned to sleep with one ear open
  • You say you are not too tired when you are
Happy mother's day.

Now what what have I missed?

BTW here is a spectacular article from the NYTimes today on mother's clothes.

Wonder what of my creations anyone will save.


Taivahalla said...

Thanks for sharing that article! It makes me glad I sew. I hope my kids want to keep at least one thing I've made!

Jacq C said...

I knew I was a mother when I automatically opened packets of snacks or peeled fruit for anybody I was with - including the adults!

Carol in Denver said...

I outline stitched part of a little quilt for my first-born. He was followed by two siblings and just celebrated his 54th birthday. Never finished it for any of the kids or grandkids; it's still on a shelf. What does one do with such things?

Kay said...

You know you're a mother when you stop at Mickey Dee's for an iced tea with your sister, and you grab enough paper napkins for a kindergarten classroom of kids.

You know you're a mother when you automatically save the scoop from the laundry detergent for school projects.

You know you're a mother when you panic when the phone rings at 2:00 a.m., and don't yell when it turns out your son (in college 3 time zones away) wants advice on which phone plan to choose.

You know you're a mother when you can come up with so many of these after your kids are grown, married, and heading toward middle age.

Lynn Barnes said...

It is a little weird to be celebrated for what is, after all, a basic female bodily function. We don't celebrate "National Sweat Day." Still, I enjoyed spending time with my adult daughter, and I gobbled down the delicious supper she cooked. She left me the gift of all the dirty dishes, in addition to the other lovely Mother's Day presents.

Рябушкина Ольга said...

You know you are a mother when you are on the verge of tears seeing your adult daughter leaving home...

I still keep my daughter's tags from maternity hospital with the date of birth and her weght written on them -they remind me of the happiest days of my life)