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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Petite Plus Wrap dress review

I am home now after a week in Winnipeg to visit my mother and other family there. I went to Christmas concerts, swim meets, and did a little sewing/alterations for my mom.

She is an 85 year old petite plus and updating some clothes for her involved the same series of alterations - shorten, bring in the sleeves to account for narrow shoulders etc. As always larger sizes seem to be designed as if a person was large everywhere, and neckline and shoulder fit is a challenge.

It is interesting to me that exactly what I had to do to make her purchased clothes fit are already built into the Petite Plus patterns.

I made this wrap dress for her, which she likes, in the unwrapped version. We like the fit in the neck and shoulders and the fact that the V neck does stay close to the body. In addition to being drafted for a short, fuller figure this pattern has some fitting features I liked:

  • Three piece sleeve. Next version I am going to take advantage of this and narrow her sleeve from the bicep down, the three seams make custom sleeve fit easy.
  • Back neck darts.
  • Optional front and back French darts. I left these in the back to give the dress more shape but left them out to accommodate her waistline.
Here are the pictures. 

I think my mom is a pretty sharp 85 year old (she has never coloured her hair) but then again as the person actively involved in raising my 14 year old niece (including 6:00 a.m. runs to the pool most mornings) she leads the life of someone about 30 years younger and it shows.

(She would want to add that after seeing these pictures she is off for a new bra-fitting - welcome to the world of revealing blog photos Mom).

I am pretty impressed with this pattern and am even thinking of playing around with a down-sized version for myself. This is a great basic.

On other news I am finishing up my term and thinking about all I have to do in the new year. My resolution is to find more time for myself and I am not sure how I am going to accomplish that yet.

I have also decided to do SWAP this year and that will be the focus of my sewing for a while. Might make for some dull blogging but I think this might be a good year for a Useful SWAP.

In the meantime, I am back and wish you all the best as we count down to the busy season.


Judi Pinkham said...

Wow...your mom is beautiful and that dress/color fits her perfectly!

Karin said...

What could be sweeter than sewing for your mom? The colour is great and so is the fit, let's just hope the new bra doesn't throw everything out of kilter, lol!
Have a great holiday season:-)

BeaJay said...

Great dress - looks lovely on your mum. Fab colour too.

shams said...

A lovely lady and she looks great in green.

velosewer said...

I can see where you get your energy from.
Your mum looks great.

Bunny said...

You've made a beautiful dress for a beautiful Mom. Thanks for showing us your lovely Mom.

SewRuthie said...

Great dress! And hey love that you're gonna do SWAP. Yaaay!

LinB said...

I'd like to add my vote to the above for "great dress for a lovely lady." Nice that you and your mother still get along. My own dear Ma and I are fast friends --but I know plenty of women who barely speak to their parents. Happy Christmas to your whole family!

Pattyskypants said...

I learn so much from your blog and want to thank you! xxoo Patty

Petite said...

Hello Barbara,

Your Mom looks great and that dress suits her both colorwise and patternwise. Looks comfy as well for someone who leads such an active life. Well done.

Love simple, yet pretty dresses.

I really like your motto on the top of the page too.

I wish I could sew, would make My Mom one. Oh well, one day.

Thumbs up to you and Happy Holidays!