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Friday, December 28, 2012

I was the one who had a great Christmas

Hi folks. Hope you had a great holiday.

We had a lot of sickness around here. In the end all colds and aches proceeded to stomach viruses and everyone went down but me. 

The little girls and I were really the only ones who were on deck on the day so I made the dinner (with my spouse emerging from his sickbed to do the turkey which he would have to be more than dead before he would let me do it) and we ate it.

Their dad lay on my couch and cracked jokes and everyone else was pretty out of it.

I got a big meal made anyway including driving some of the dishes over to use my daughter's oven and picking them up just before and generally enjoying being useful.

One of the great pleasures of being a mature mother is that as long as everyone is together you are thrilled and think it is all just wonderful.

Now I am counting down the last of my 50s I finally understand my grandmother at these events.

You know when you give them some department store slippers and the grandmother talks all day about how they are the best slippers she has ever had? 

Well they really are.

Or the part where she watches everyone fill up their plates and says that the neck is her favourite part of the turkey?

Well it is.

So the really nice part of having a few Christmases under your belt is you know it's marvelous you are all there.

So what would a Christmas story be without illustrations?

Here is my son who flew in at great expense for the holiday (and has taken 3 days to get out - please join our family in a permanent ban of United Airlines who are getting the international "We couldn't care less award") and was hit with every bug we could throw at him.

Here he is on the floor after announcing his back was so sore from lying in bed he needed a back walker (apparently the Korean folks in his neighbourhood in East Village do a great job with this). 

His niece and sister were happy to oblige:

As you can see he had an excellent Christmas and I am sure has already booked his trip back for next year.

Miss Heidi took advantage of all the activity in the living room to get into the Stuff Under the Kitchen Sink so her day was pretty complete too:

So a great holiday all around.

If you are the person who now eats turkey necks.

And I have started Barbara's Useful SWAP.

More on that tomorrow.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

OMG I so understand soooooo much of your post! I guess I have become the same woman of a certain age! *LOL* And tell you're son that I avoid United like the plague - some mergers weren't meant to be and that Continental/United one was one of them!!! Hope he finally got home safely.

Cosmos said...

I know what you mean about family gathering and being together on a holiday.

Loved your post, including Miss Heidi's adventure!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Barb. For some reason my post to you on the night we were both finishing up our midnight knitting didn't get through. I'll send you some photos of the end results via regular email.

That flu is a nasty one. hope everyone is feeling better in your household and fingers crossed that you don't come down with it.

Donna E

SewRuthie said...

The best part this Christmas for me was helping my sweetie take his 88 year old mother to various things over Christmas - she loved her Christmas presents, the food, seeing her sons, grandkids and great grandkids and being able to be part of things.

Karin said...

Looks like a fantastic Xmas! Stomach bugs and all. They reckon the UK total of norvirus cases has reached one million this year in the UK. It's a miracle I haven't had it, I seem to get it every year.
I was the mom with still young kids cooking the dinner for all and sundry both Xmas and boxing day. I don't mind, it's not so bad with attentive grandparents around to entertain the little ones. I'd far rather have my MIL play with my girls than peel potatoes. Peeling potatoes is a break compared to kiddie wrangling! And she doesn't seem to mind, so win-win all around!

shams said...

Blargh. Glad the pox is lifting on your household! Happy New Year!

Rose said...

Comfy slippers are great! Happy New Year (without all the sickness)!!

mrsmole said...

I am adding your blog for nomination for an award...here is a link from my blog to yours: http://fitforaqueen.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/passing-on-an-award/
I enjoy following your blog and wish you a very successful sewing year of 2013!

Angela said...

My family had the bad stomach virus during the second week of December. It was a particularly bad one this year. I am a little bit behind you and am caught in the in-between stage of watching (hoping) my kids grow up well and watching my parents and in-laws go downhill. So sort of a bittersweet Christmas for me. I am glad you had a good one! I'm taking in all your good advice:)

anne k said...

What a beautiful sentiment re turkey necks, comfy slippers - who'd'a thunk it? But I am grateful that I totally understand.