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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barbara's Useful SWAP part one

For those of you who aren't following these things I am joining in this year's Stitcher's Guild Sewing With a Plan venture - doing the 11 units - six tops, four bottoms and a jacket.

With it being dark and gloomy outside, and cold, with a storm coming in tonight I decided to start off with a bright pink linen shirt.

Nothing in my SWAP is exciting - this is entirely an exercise in wearable clothes for ordinary day wear.

I used a version of the Annie StyleArc blouse, eliminating the yokes as I was short on fabric and for the same reason making short sleeves. What I like most about this pattern is the nice collar/neckline. Also as a gesture to speed sewing, and the less fitted look of the new blouses this coming season (based on the new patterns and more significantly what I am noticing on the Spring collections on Style.com), this is pretty basic and boxy.

Because it was such an easy project I decided to do some wing needle stitching around the collar and sleeve hems.

This is a super easy treatment that works very well in linen. 

Basically all you need is the most simple of reverse action "stretch" stitches (one in which the needle goes in the hole more than once doing that annoying super slow stitching thing) or an "heirloom" decorative stitch that operates the same way on your machine. The stitch I used on my Pfaff looks like a line of small vertical crosses.

On the hem of the blouse I used a plain needle and a reverse action straight stitch and made my buttonholes with the cross-stitch stretch version.

All this minimally fancy stitching was done with a rayon thread, because, well, I found some when I was cleaning out my sewing room on the floor. 

I have decided to just do mostly dressmaker dummy shots of my SWAP garments until I am finished. As opposed to the regular live dummy shots.

Here is the finished blouse and the details:

Now onto the next blouse. Same pattern, my Liberty fabric. A few more days off and I am going to indulge myself as much as I can in staying cozy and sewing before the deluge hits me work.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like the wing needle embellishments that you added to the blouse. It's one of those things I've always wanted to do...and of course you always provide a chuckle when you post. Thanks for once again giving me a laugh!

Bunny said...

The hemstitching is really love. Great shirt!

debbie said...

Love the color and the wing needle treatment. I have a few of those but never have used them!

twotoast said...

Oooh! The wing needle really finishes off the shirt. Very purdy!

BeaJay said...

Great blouse - love your stitch work. I'm still figuring out how to do normal stitching - great job - looking forward to seeing more of your SWAP.

Jeanneke said...

Love the pattern, the stitching and embellishments. Great shirt; really love it.
May your New Year be blessed with health and happiness.


wendy said...

Thanks for the wing needle stitch treatment, I have never seen this idea on a garment, but I can see it would be very effective on linen. Love that colour pink too.

Anonymous said...

Love the wing needle work. I had forgotten I had one. StyleArc patterns are new to me but I'm planning to send off for some. Do they discontinue some of their patterns? I couldn't find your blouse pattern Barb but there are lots of others I like. I would welcome suggestion from anyone who has favourites.

Barb, don't interrupt your SWAP sewing to answer this I know your sewing time is precious.If and when you have a minute will be fine.
Donna E

gwensews said...

That a pretty blouse. Nice hemstitching detail. Sew on!