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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storms and new Vogues

I was up a bit last night. 

Got a 2:30 a.m. call from my son in East Village to say he was on his room mate's cell and they were fine, despite being pretty close to the power station that blew up. 

He was eating grapes which I take as an indication that he did not follow my storm preparedness advice. He will be fine. My children are all survivors.

They survived me.

Now I want to talk about the new Vogues. I know everyone has reviewed them but me, so I better get on it.

This collection really struck me. I believe it was Sullivan who said form follows function and Chanel who said that if it isn't comfortable it's not style. 

I am wondering if they know all that at Vogue.

To my mind a new style should make you feel sharp in a new way without being something that you make because it is "on trend" and without being something you would look at next year (on in the family pictures) without you saying to yourself "what was I thinking?"

There is only one I ordered actually and it's not because it is particularly new but looks comfortable and reminded me of the potential impact of border prints:

This simple style is all about the fabric and that is where I am going these days, but I have to tell you I am totally mystified by the fabric requirements in my size - about 6 1/2 yards 45"-60".

That is a lot of fabric, even allowing for the border layout, particularly when it looks to me as if the yoke and sleeves are laid out on one repeat. 

I am going to have to get this pattern for myself and do my own trial layout, my sense is this is nuts.

Now onto other patterns, the ones I am not getting, with my editorial comments:

Who would possibly look good in this? A few gathers over the belly to disguise that concave stomach? A baggy top to disguise the shape you might have? All of the style of a canning apron with none of the charm.

In general I like this, but it probably the fabric that is attracting me. The wings are something I will have to get used to, but I suspect the way I crash around they would just get caught on doorknobs and rip perfectly good fabric. If they were on the front they would be good though if you had to go to an event and had a broken arm or carpel tunnel and needed to support your arm, not a lot of patterns provide for that, so you might want to hold that thought and wear it backwards if you were ever in that situation

Gulag fashion and even the model's face knows that. Note they put a turtle neck underneath to make up for the fact this jacket combines a stiff body and a drafty neck.

Wow. A turtle costume. Might look cool for two weeks but think how it would be trying to strap this little number into the seat belts. And you would spend most of your time trying to move the shell out of the way so you could drive

Just in case no one noticed you have boobs. Imagine doing a FBA on this one. Makes me want to draw eyes in those specs. Waste of good silk.

For those of you who have always wanted to unzip a seam and leave them flapping like a couple of ziplock bags. Although the pouches are sandwich size so might be handy if you made them into actual pockets. Not sure how this look enhances feminine beauty.

And there is trying too hard, way too hard. I can achieve the prominent rear end look without any assistance but this takes function follow form to the outer limits. Must be 6 1/2 yards in that plumage. 

There you have it, a sleep deprived pattern review, not that it shows.

Take care all of you impacted by Sandy and hope your sewing machines all have power soon.


Summer Flies said...

Oh every time I read your posts I laugh my head off. I actually think everything you said was so spot on and said so much better than I could have! Really.. how many turtle coats do you think they'll sell?? Best review I've read!

annie said...

You really need phone calls like that at 2:30 am. The only pattern I like is the Tom and Linda Platt color-blocked dress, 1326. I guess Vogue may be competing (trying to) with Burda. Hope they don't adopt Burda's delightful directions.

Mary said...

Love your hilarious commentary on the new patterns. Clearly most of these folks never tried to sit down in their creations. That white jacket would be up around one's ears. The peplum on the suit jacket could possibly double as lower back support, but not comfortably. The one pattern you liked (me, too) was my mother's go-to pattern for making her dresses...in 1965. She was about the same age then as we are now.

Rebecca Clayton said...

At least these models aren't considering jumping out a high rise window, as are the ladies in the "Fall Sewing Patterns." I mean, cheer up, ladies, it's not that bad!

Claire S. said...

You're close LOL that peplum jacket takes 3.5m of 150cm fabric - that's LOT of peplum !

I like the same dress you do and your opinions of the others are spot on - I do like the blouse 8857 (without the ruffles) and 1329 the Kay Unger color blocked dress - but not much else caught my eye.

Love your sense of humour !

Nancy said...

Oh my Heavens, after Hurricane Sandy, I really needed the laughs you provided me today. Thank you. Actually, I actually love the red dress and there was a time when I could have worn it. Now would not be one of those times. I love the neckline and the color is divine, but I do agree with you about all the others. I apply the same rules to my sewing as I do to my quilting - I do not want it to be dated by appearance or fabric. I try to make classic pieces that will be timeless and not out of style in a year. I can't stand all the new styles or colors of quilting fabrics, and feel the same about a lot of fabric in the stores these days. I so miss the G Street fabric club which sent out the best swatches, all beautifully coordinated. I will look forward to seeing the border print dress, if you make it. It does sound like a horrendous amount of fabric for such a slim-line dress.

The Hojnackes said...

Your reviews are so funny! I love the "have boobs" shirt! Who comes up with these designs?

Scenic Route said...

No snorting coffee out my nose today--nope, this time it was raspberry tea. TOO funny. ....and right on :)

Naomi Russell said...

Dear Barbara, Sorry to hear you are sleep deprived. Please write all your reviews in this state of mind. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks!

Judi Pinkham said...

Naomi is right. I laughed out loud with every comment you made!!!

The 'turtle' one is the one I really want...I was thinking of it more as a cacoon. Way too funny!!!

Martha said...

Such a great review of these patterns. Seems a lot of us needed this little day brightener. Thanks!

Sew Lady Sew! said...

Draw eyes in the spectacles. Waste of good silk. Hahahaha! After a FBA, you'd have a nice BIG pair of specs, not those little Ben Franklin reading pair,

Angela said...

Love this review! Can't wait to read more:)

lorrwill said...

ITA on these patterns. I am going to take another look at that first one - I suspect there is an error in the yardage requirements. Cut crosswise to capture a border print the front back and sleeve would have to be about 2 yards wide each - that just doesn't sound right.

lorrwill said...

When I saw the boobs shirt, I immediately said "tit targets". I can not imagine who would actually wear this!