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Saturday, October 27, 2012

London jacket building site shots

I know I know.

The rest of the blogging world has nice styled and shot photos. 

Not me.

This particular set of pictures was taken in the doorway of my kitchen as the door was being replaced. Since resident husband-builder-photographer was otherwise engaged the only way I could get these pictures taken was if I stood in the doorway, took the power tools out of his hand and put the camera in.

And of course it is styled in my sewing clothes, yoga pants and tank top.

I am really super pleased with this as a pattern with genuine TNT potential. I found the shoulder/chest fit to be nice and smooth and if you take a close look at the sleeves those aren't the clunky boxy sleeves you would expect in a very basic one piece sleeve.

The sleeve cap was pretty high and the armhole up quite close to the body but the sleeves went in very easily.

Of course the pockets were meant to be lower but I got the idea in my head that with such a short jacket  they would look cooler up higher.

This jacket is made in a patterned denim and what you can't see here is that the facings are really generous, the pockets' topstiching catches them, and the back neck facing is really deep and large , almost like a back stay which I feel gives the back of the jacket a more tailored structure.

If I didn't presently have a grandchild asleep in the room where the jacket is now, I would take more pictures of these facings to show you.

Listen I am really happy with such a simple pattern that can produce fairly slick results.

I have been frustrated a lot lately with my busy life.

It currently isn't giving me all the sewing time I need - no more course overloads next year. However I can see that one thing I have achieved is a series of TNT patterns that I will use over and over again with confidence.

The Linda pant
The Sasha blouse and the Annie blouse ( these three from Style Arc)
Pamela's Perfect T
The Magic Shirt (also from Pamela's patterns)
Butterick 5760 cardigan

and now this jacket

This makes me even wonder if I should attempt SWAP this year, it will depend on the rules and I have my eye on Stitches Guild to see if they are released soon.

Who knows?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I would have never known that you were in your yoga pants if you hadn't shared. The background is nice in your pictures but it's the jacket that really shines! It's a great topper...and yeah for TNT patterns!

Anonymous said...

Actually I like your non style completely realistic picture! The jacked looks great, definitely a potential TNT good job!

SewRuthie said...

Looks great! "dooooo swap, doooo swap, doooo swap" you know you wanna!!!

Karin said...

You are NOT the only one in the blogging world with unstylish pictures! At least your pictures are well lit. Mine usually aren't.
The jacket looks good. The shape and fit is spot on. It's basic enough that you could make all sorts of tweaks and superficial changes. Almost a pattern block.

Sharon said...

Very cute jacket and I thought you had on a very versatile black column. Now let's hope the SWAP rules are out soon so we can all start to plan and with your TNT list you will be all set to go.

Shirley Ann said...

Love it! I love your photos too. I sew and have my young children taking the pictures. We're not photographers...we sew :)

Catherine Daze said...

Isn't it great when you find a well-fitting sleeve. Looking good!

gwensews said...

Jacket looks terrific with the yoga pants. Nice work.

Bunny said...

That sleeve does look great, worth using on other jacket patterns. Nice job, Barb!

annie said...

Now lets talk Chanel jacket. Do you think this one is a candidate with sleeve remake?

carolinascallin said...

I think it's a great jacket! You did a great job on it...and I'd have never known it was patterned denim - how neat! Isn't it nice to find another TNT pattern? Always nice to know your efforts will produce a great wearable!

carolinascallin said...

PS...LOVE your blog! Just added your link to my "Blogs I Adore" on my new windows2wearables.com blog (I'm inching my way into making apparel fashion...quite different from valences - and you can't use a staple gun!)

Rose said...

This is a great jacket. Those sewing clothes look pretty fancy to me. Gee, I thought the photos were styled. You look ready to meet the day - just walking out of the kitchen. :)

Anonymous said...

Great fabric Barbara - is that a fabricland find by any chance? If so - recent? Gayle (with crossed fingers!)

Barbara said...

Sorry Gayle a year old Fabricmart purchase - I thought I would make a skirt but never go around to it.

Annie I think this would make a nice chanel jacket - although I think you would lose angst points - it is too easy. I figure since it's a nice slim sleeve you could just split it down the top, shoulder point to hem to make a vent seam.

I just might try it.

Beth H said...

You look great! The color is very nice on you.

Ginger said...

Just found your blog while googling for a review of the London Jacket. Your jacket looks great. Did you lengthen the jacket or use it as is? I plan to start sewing it soon. Thanks so much.