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Friday, October 26, 2012

On my mind and my work table this morning

I have had an interesting week.

The markings done until the next deluge. Both the students and I survived. Some of my students I suspect are brighter than I am, some I suspect put less work into their submissions than I put into marking them.

Which is just about right.

I also talked to a a very nice political reporter this week who wished me happy birthday.

"How do you know about that?" I wanted to know.

"Read it on your blog" he said.

So much for not having my worlds collide. 

But then I thought, so what. People are multi-dimensional and that would include me.

So Dave you are going to find a lot of this pretty boring and I don't drop political hints here. At least nothing local. But thanks for reading.

But on that note I went by invitation to a political event last night. This served to remind me why I am no longer in that business. Thank goodness there were a few students in the room. Folks move on and I have.

While I was out, my husband worked on dinner and installing a new kitchen door. He said he knew he had taken multi-tasking to new levels when he realized he was hammering with an oven mitt on and turning the ribs with a crowbar.

If you know my husband you know that this is exactly what happened.

The ribs were great BTW and I love the new door. I was glad to be home.

I have many things on my to-do list this weekend and I am not going to do any of them.

I need some sewing time- time to bring my spirit back to the mother ship.

A few days ago my daughter and I went to a quilt store to get things she needed. I don't quilt but I am good at taking three year olds to the bathroom and keeping them out of the notions.

But of course I had to buy something, so I picked up this pattern on a whim:

It is your basic simple shape. I have been thinking one of those in the arsenal would not be a bad idea for elaborate fabric that doesn't need a lot of seaming, or for Channel drop-outs like myself.

I hope to finish a sort of wearable hopefully muslin today out of some random denim and some cotton that I am going to have to use for facings and hem finishing because I am that short of denim.

Here it is on the mannequin shot at an angle so I wouldn't fall over all the machines I have on the floor since I am in a reorganization phase:

There is a center back seam for shaping and a very good dart in this pattern and the sleeves are pretty good. All in all, since I was expecting a fairly crude shape from something with so few pattern pieces, this is a nice jacket, even if this version is a little short.

I see potential here and will definitely finish this today.

My sewing room clean up is part of my list writing for my fabric scouting trip to NYC is a few weeks. I have realized that I am going to have issues with bringing fabric back and I have to figure this out. I won't be going by car this trip which is the best option for bringing back fabric, and I am on sort of a don't lift really heavy things restriction since the big fix up. So throwing 50 pounds of fabric on the carousal isn't going to cut it.

And you know how helpful they are at the airlines these days.

I am thinking of not taking any clothes, just my Visa and my passport and an empty suitcase, and wondering if I shop somewhere if they would ship it back for me?

Might have to investigate that.

Now off to the sewing room.

Talk later.


annie said...

I have that jacket and I love it. Varied the trim b/c my fabric was a wool crepe, a gift from a friend, and needed a sort of chanel-style edging. I lengthened the jacket a bit as I am tall.

elke said...

You're visiting your (young, strong) son, right? Couldn't he help out with the mailing/shipping of your purchases?
My version of our shared birthday was different; dinner cooked by me, and no dessert. Wasn't even a particularly wonderful dinner. Ah, well.

Myrna said...

I'd vote for ship the fabric home. Many of the shops will do that for you.

Martha said...

What a nice pattern to have - could become a TNT. You are right - so many possibilities.

Enjoy NYC!

LinB said...

We used to use busses to ship large packages of sample garments, at Wrangler. Gets there about as quickly as airplane, bus depot usually easier to access than airport, shipping was way cheaper. Of course, that was 30 years ago ... and didn't have to cross international border. Something to consider, anyway. Taking the extra suitcase is a great idea.

Kathie said...

oh, you're going to have SO much fun shopping. We travel to NYC several times a year for the day via bus from Albany (NY, that is). We take empty wheeled luggage with us to trundle around to the stores... it sure saves wear and tear on our shoulders and backs! I know for sure that Kashi at Metro Fabrics will ship anywhere and I'm quite sure Paron's and Mood do the same... especially since they also have on-line presences. Good luck and oh, so happy, shopping!

badmomgoodmom said...

Kashi at Metro charges less for shipping than it actually costs him. I always overbuy from him, but he's so nice.

Anonymous said...

The image of the oven mitt/crowbar combo made my day--what a guy! I vote for the no clothes/empty wheeled-suitcase scenario. Elle

Meegan said...

Yes - Metro Textiles is a good place for both great fabrics and shipping service. Allow yourself time...