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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Packing for travel

As I think about, but not do, the re-pack for home I know I need to write down what I brought that was useless so I don't do it again.

This is our third year in this house, in this neighbourhood in Florida. We will be back next year. We're so lucky our work, our scheming, and the internet lets this happen.

The first year I came with every should-do project in my sewing room and all my Christmas presents to make. 

See previous post. What was I thinking?

The second year I brought every item of summer clothing I owned, which included so many dresses I am embarrassed to write it down, and a huge bag of junky books.

This year I brought more shorts and tops and some of my to-do list of sewing.

Next year I am bringing:

  • my serger and two sewing machines
  • Notions, tools, a good iron 
  • Interfacing
  • Patterns
  • Only three, two one pieces of fabric. I can mail order in everything I want on the day. This is a sort of get up and see how you feel place.
  • Only enough yarn for a pair of socks on the way down and on the way back. This year I brought about 47 balls of yarn and my husband is already stressing about how he can explain to customs these are not declarable purchases - his wife was just delusional enough to think she could knit all this up when she should have remembered she was here to golf.
  • Two dresses only for the going out occasions and more golf shirts.
  • The password for the library e-books
  • A printed copy of "Snakes of Florida identified." Running around looking for the iPad when some 5 foot visitor slithers into the yard is not cool.
This is also a good place to give a shout out to my very favourite of all the  so-called assistants I have worked with.

Like all good assistants she told me exactly what to do, she was always smart, and she was always right. She kept me out of trouble and she taught me a lot. 

I worked for her.

We wore matching polka dot rain hats (we both bought them without knowing the other person had done the same) and considered ourselves the best undiscovered power team in town.

She has gone on to a better job than I ever had and I am very proud of her.

I am also very proud of what she has done with her life. 

After some time of wanting to travel she decided to stop waiting for anyone and to do it herself. She has become a world traveler, food blogger and photographer of excellence and has written a great list of things to take with you when you travel here.

What can you say about a girl who travels with a silk sleeping bag liner so even the most budget hotel feels comfortable?

That she is a real pro.


Anonymous said...

What a great post - I'm afraid I'd be inclined to stuff a vehicle if I ever traveled with one.

For the record: you are far too kind, I still think you were a much better boss than I was an assistant!

Lisa Laree said...

A silk sleeping bag liner. Oh. My. Goodness.
How hard would one of those be to make from, say, charmeuse so ugly that someone is selling it dirt cheap just to quit looking at it?

That's going on my fabric stalking list...

badmomgoodmom said...

A date who owned virtually nothing owned one of those silk sleeping bag liners. He said they came in real handy at the $2/night fleabag hotels in Cairo.

He elaborated that the one semester's tuition at his fancy college that he saved by graduating early let him travel around the world for 8 months (with the silk sleeping bag liner).

I married him.