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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dumping out the bucket

I have been thinking about bucket lists lately ever since my middle son shared his with me. It had things like Climb Kilimanjaro and sail around the Mediterranean crossed out, and a whole lot of things no mother wants a kid to do left on.

I also read this in the Huffington Post this morning and decided it's time.

Here is what I am dumping out:

  • I will never knit an afghan out of left-over sock yarn. I will either throw those scraps out (Grandma the Depression is over) or knit Barbie tube dresses for the little girls. You can decide yourself what is more likely.
  • I will never learn to do or apply hand-made buttonholes. With all due respect Claire Shaffaer (and I do respect you) are you nuts?
  • Drape, draft, or fit a custom pants pattern. Make my own pants pattern. Thanks Style Arc.
  • Make monogrammed machine embroidered pillow cases for the whole house. The People's Republic is taking care of that.
  • Actually sew only from my enormous stash for a whole year. Not when fabric buying is my number one stress reduction technique.
  • Sew a properly tailored suit. Have thought about it but since all my energy is going into moving my work life to a from home/online basis this makes no sense. Never did actually.
  • Learn to use all aspects of my Wild Ginger software. OK maybe if I were stranded on a desert island that had a power outlet. But it's the sewing part I like.
O.K.  I am sure I will think of a lot more to add to this list today.

But over to you.

That's always more interesting.


Rebecca Clayton said...

It's all in the title of your list. I call mine "Things I might want to think about trying sometime, if it still seems like a good idea."
I hate someone telling me what to do, even if it's a list I made myself.

Carrotsandsmarties said...

Barb - YOU ARE MY HERO! You have voiced my innermost thoughts in this post. I am now going up to my sewing room with a garbage bag to take care of my stash.
And, get this - I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY!

thanks a bunch

Carrotsandsmarties said...

Adendum - make that 4 garbage bags, or maybe a box of them...

Jane M said...

Add "make my own cordinated polymer buttons for that garment." I've done that twice and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

a little sewing said...

funny - the post and the comments!
I often feel like I visited the land of this technique or that discipline, and it was a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

Then again, like Rebecca said, I don't even want to comply with my own lists, so maybe I won't have a bucket list. Or a not-on-the-bucket-list.

LOL polymer buttons!

SewRuthie said...

I'm chilling and taking things as they come. Sometimes a person needs a rest!

Barbara said...

Ruthie, you have nailed it. Thanks for this.

marysews said...

I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, it would not include tailoring.

shams said...

Excellent! I do not have, and do not want, a bucket list. Those are great items to dump, and leave what makes sense!

ACorgiHouse said...

Agreed! I have no interest in a bucket list either, a grocery list is too much pressure some days. I want to do whatever I want and just making a "bucket list" is more mainstream than I care for! K

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