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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the DL

I don't have much to report on the sewing or thoughtful front today as the big people in this house are passing around a flu and it's been my turn.

I should have known I was going to get sick because my dreams, always pretty weird, were particularly intense the night before the sore throat.

For a start I dreamt I divorced my husband, a little vague why, and married instead one of the sewing world's celebrities, one who is not in fact in the market for a wife. Things were going pretty good for the first hour or so, but after we had said all there was to say about interfacing, I called up the person in charge and made arrangements to get my old husband back.

The moral of this, apart from the fact it appears I am a bigger jerk than I thought I was, was that it takes more than buttonholes to hold a relationship together.

My spouse is getting a bit of mileage out of this. I open my eyes in the mornings to "now who are you married to today?"

Listen, that wasn't the really bad nightmare part either. Far worse was I dreamt I was making my next Chanel jacket out of red and yellow plaid acrylic that, get this, I didn't have to quilt to the lining because it came already bonded to a thin layer of foam. I actually thought I was pretty cool with this short cut.

I am lucky my husband didn't divorce me over that one. Imagine.

This sick I laid down for a bit today, deciding that it was not a good idea to cut out my nice silk and cotton when I was so unreliable, and read.

My reading falls into two categories. Real books I read for work and books that I read in the bath, when I am eating dinner alone, and on the treadmill. 

I have pretty high standards for these off task books.

They must be written by women if the main character is about women. No explanation necessary. 

I like mysteries but should be interested in serious fiction, and I would be if it was more cheerful. I joined a book club while my husband was away this winter and really I had to drop out. All the books were about depressed women, or people with regrets, and there wasn't what I would call page turning plots. And not one of the books was funny. You know even a book about a serious subject can be funny. If I ever join a book club again it has to have a cheerful book policy.

Call me shallow and nail it on the head.

For my vacation reading I have of course read a Diane Mott Davidson, you know those mysteries where she is a caterer - OK if you space them out with other books. She cooks interesting if butter heavy things and there is some snappy dialogue. And I tried one of those knitting novels, Gil McNeil Needles and pearls, which is actually quite well written once you get past the fact that it is sort of a fantasy of what every single pregnant woman wants - other people who cook and bring presents and a man who can do home repairs. Not completely realistic but some humour makes up for that. Light stuff.

I am also reading some Florida mysteries which I am really enjoying because it always thrills me to know what road they are talking about. Amazingly the local branch library gives cards to non residents for $10 for 3 months which to me is another reflection of the absolute generosity of libraries. I might spring for the $40 year membership so I can read their ebooks once I get home and need to be reminded that the sun does shine somewhere.

Now back to my hallucinations.


annie said...

Ian Rankin writes great mysteries. Rebus of Edinburgh one of his signature characters. Guess you've already done P.D. James, don't like her latest.

Jodie said...

Sorry to hear that you're not 100%. I have crazy stress dreams myself...Yours are good ones though!

Your book suggestions are right on, I love the lighter "fluff" ones myself.
Take care,

LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

If you want to laugh until you cry, get Jenny Larson's new book...Let's Pretend This Never Happened
A "sewing mystery" series I like, 2 so far, and one out in October is by Melissa Bourbon.

Sorry if you're the one who recommended the Melissa Bourbon Series.

Another series I haven't tried yet is Southern Sewing Series by Elizabeth Lynn Casey.

Feel better.
Lynda Anderson

Bunny said...

Wow! Our local library costs a dollar to join, forever. And if you are visiting from Nova Scotia we will give you a card, too!