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Monday, April 30, 2012

Who is Elizabeth Gillett and what is she doing in my head?

Last winter when I was preparing for the only black tie event a year I go to - typical of my life it's black tie bingo - I was trying to implement my theory that a person should not spend longer sewing to get ready for an event than at the actual event itself, I ran across this Elizabeth Gillett pattern:

I thought it impossibly glamorous, good for dressing up my black crepe sheath dress one more time, and pretty easy to sew. In the time frame I was working with however I would have had to pay the full $30 or something for the pattern and there was nothing at the bottom of the street fabric store that was fancy except for what was left over and marked down for Hallowe'en.

I didn't forget this pattern however, and filed it away in the old steel trap for the next time I would be playing bingo with the glitterati. 

If that's what you call a bunch of professors out of the old Birkenstocks and in what they wore to the kid's wedding trying to raise money for the new building.

Back on track.

A while ago the stunning Erika Bunker did a very nice jacket from this same pattern and in the last few issues of Vogue's patterns there have been two more Elizabeth Gillett patterns, this one and this one:

Now of course these patterns are all eveningish but it has occurred to me that they have some potential as jacket or cardigan alternatives in different fabrics, sort of easy to sew add-on units.

Last night while another BMV sale was drawing to a close, and I was trying to make sure I spent as much as possible, I ordered the pattern I wanted last winter and I am thinking about the others.

It has also made me wonder about Elizabeth Gillett who is apparently a scarf designer in NYC.

Kind of interesting niche.

Maybe I should interview her.

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badmomgoodmom said...

I made an unrecognizable version of View D for my 10 yo.
The drafting on that pattern is superb. I explained here (with pix):