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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Armchair sewing

I am on the mend but not back to my fighting weight yet (this is a metaphor) and my spouse seems to be having a go with this bug too. Last night he called out "You skunk" in his sleep which was either a) evidence he has the bug b) his dream retaliating to my dream of having left him for a short, and I stress fictional time, for a sewing celebrity who wears leopard print rain boots. 

We are currently sharing the same sick bed, a woman cold and a man cold, for a bit this morning. That means I have got up taken someone small to go pee, put in a wash and hung out a wash and my dear husband has stared at the ceiling laid out straight just in case and announced "it's all in God's hands."

Sometimes I am sure you think I make this stuff up. Absolutely not.

I have decided to recover completely today as my Style Arc order arrived yesterday. In addition to the replacement Sacha shirt and the Coco jacket I ordered these:

Still in recovery over some ponte that pilled I have decided stretch wovens are the better pant for me - none of that knee bump thing going on. Also I picked up about 12 yards of RPL from Fabricmart that is staring at me.

Since I am only a temporary resident of Florida I have to think ahead to cold weather. Shams made a wonderful version of this. I think both a jacket and a coat would be useful. Something I actually need for my real life.
Continuing on my irresponsible sewer on vacation theme.

This will either make me look sharp or like a total idiot. Only one way to find out. My plan is to do a cotton twill version now out of the fabric above and if it works do a jumper for winter for work.

I am thinking of this for a rain coat sort of thing. Of course the belt may not be good. I would also do a closure(s) so you can close the neckline.

My daughter's business also seems to be ticking right along and I think I am on button sewing duty later today. Pictures of that project later.


shams said...

What a timely post! I *just* made my own order from StyleArc. First I joined the pattern club, and then I ordered three patterns. I really like this month's freebie.

I have the coco jacket ready to work on, but quick-sewing knits have taken precedence.

Feel better! And, of course, I believe you about the cold. Moms/grandmas always have to get stuff done, even when sick. :)

Mary said...

Hope you both feel better...You-because then you'll feel better. Him-because then you won't have to listen to the drama. :-)

Wow, I like those patterns! I am resisting because I have more than enough to keep me busy. I'll watch all of you play in the Style Arc pool...I'm over here doing Marcy Tilton stuff.

KC said...

OMG you have the Man Cold/Woman Cold distinction exactly right! I hope you feel better soon and even more I hope he does!