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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vogue 1137 Mom's version

Having discovered what a cinch Vogue 1137 was to make I decided to use it for new, warm, housecoat for my Mom. She lives in Winnipeg, Winterpeg to those who were born there like I was, and a place where the police directing traffic used to wear long Buffalo coats, which must have weighed 800 pounds but certainly were warm.

Dressed for warmth in Winnipeg

In fact a famous Winnipegger went down in the Titanic in his Winnipeg Buffalo coat, probably was not the best for staying afloat when wet. Much like the wool bathing suit my own grandmother, also from Winnipeg, made me wear one summer to keep me "warm in the water." When the first wave hit me and I got wet I went down and I could hardly stand up.

That's wool for you, when wet.

Needless to say I went synthetic with my Mom's housecoat and used Polar Fleece. To make it easier for her to get in and out of I put in a long separating zipper. The front of this pattern is sort of overlapped at the front so it looks closed when you wear it, which I like. Just like the bust darts that give this a little shape.

I left off the dramatic cuffs because I thought they might get in her way. I cut the sleeves back a bit to make sure the really narrow part was gone so they are sort of 3/4 length, or 2/3 length, or 1/2 length now. My sister Nancy says if the sleeves turn out to be too short when Mom puts this thing on she will sew something on the bottom for me.

Actually my mother who is very short has been complaining for the past 50 years that all her sleeves are too long.

Be careful what you wish for.

Here it is:

The pockets are parallel I promise. This must be an optical illusion.

On to other Christmas present making - although this is going to be a hard act to follow.


KC said...

LOL! at staying warm in a wool bathing suit! The housecoat looks warm and lovely and the sleeves look just right to me.

Texan said...

I know she will love this, I have a polar fleece shirt I hope to sew this next week!

Linda said...

Warm and cozy housecoat!

Jane M said...

Love the bright color which is cheery as well as that wonderfully warm fleece. Thius will be a lovely gift.

Tia Dia said...

I just found your blog via Karin's at Sew Here We Go Again! I'm laughing my head off with all your chit chat about the wool in Winterpeg. I grew up in Edmonton, which is probably just as chilly. Your robe is a lovely plush colour. Your mom will be very happy Christmas morning!

velosewer said...

That's a great colour. Your Mum will be thrilled with it.