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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, November 18, 2011

Still here

I want you to know I will be back to blogging and sewing when the dust settles around here. 

The end of term paper marking crunch with the attendant meetings with amazed students who say things like "But I always got 90s without doing any work in high school" or "This mark has had a serious impact on my positive attitude to life".

And of course great work from most students. But it still all has to be marked.

Lots of life going around too. My last kid at home is getting ready to go out of province to a new job just after Christmas, little Heidi was down at Emerg with breathing problems after a cold (fine now) and my daughter's dog is now blind in one eye with a detached lens after a collision with a ball.

I have been caught up in classes so my husband has stepped in as usual to help everyone out. Helped son buy a truck, went over and walked the baby, and took Miss Scarlett to work with him two mornings this week to give my daughter a break.

Miss S was a big hit apparently in the Materials Lab and had quite a good time too at the courthouse where Poppa had to go for some business. And he has been cooking and bringing me dinner so I could mark.

Are you interested in this at all? Never sure if these details are totally boring or not, but feel if I am not sewing or posting I should let you know why, those of you who have been kind enough to follow this blog.

I really appreciate my husband. You see I didn't find him and marry him until I was 48 - with enough life experience to understand it's the quiet ones you have to watch. He has been so good for us.

Also I am feeling particularly appreciative because yes he is going away to Tennessee again this winter - although with a much improved schedule of three weeks away one week off. Some of those weeks off will be at home, the week before Christmas thank god and a week in January when we are moving his mom into the city to an apartment near us. Other trips will involve me on routes that will take me close to my NYC son and the garment district.

I have to tell you that negotiating a settlement for another winter apart was fairly time intensive - I was fine once I reorganized the whole idea in my head as "three weeks to sew without interruption followed by one week of fabric shopping."

It's all how you look at it, and how you can get it arranged in your mind.

I had a funny conversation too with my mother this week who was doing her annual round up called "How everybody turned out" which she does as a warm up to her annual outrageous Christmas letter - you know the one that forgets one person every year or explains her position on same sex marriage.

After reviewing everyone's lives she said to me that despite the challenges I have had on and of in my life like everyone else, she has never worried about me. I found this statement, from a professional worrier, interesting so I asked her why.

"Because you sew," she said. "You can always cheer yourself up."

Well how about that?


KayY said...

Well, I for one am interested because you make it interesting by writing about it in an engaging way. Keep it up!

Connie said...

I welcome the details of your life because, as your mother recognizes, the minutae and our sewing are inextricably linked.

Sewing does more than provide a creative outlet. It does indeed "cheer me up" after a difficult day caring for a parent with dementia. Sewing provides hope that things will turn out well and reassurance that a middle-aged grandmother deserves something pretty. Sewing cultivates patience (removing that serged seam on the turtleneck for the third time)needed to deal with my family on "difficult" days and a means of expressing how much I care for them at all times.

Jane M said...

I too enjoy hearing about others' lives, how similar we are yet how different in many ways as well. I sympathize with you and your DH being apart. Mine is gone for three weeks in Feb. and three more in March. We've done this for a few years but I found that ichats on the MAC were the biggest help. Since my DH is rather laconic on the phone, visuals made a lovely improvement in our separation time....and some funny moments as he carried the laptop and searched my northern sewing room for some desired fabric to bring south.

sdBev said...

I enjoy your writing style and stop by for the bit of cheerfulness you always provide.

Bunny said...

My husband was gone off and on much of our marriage. You DO get to sew all you want when he's gone. I totally understand your feelings. And, any situation that takes you near the garment district on a regular basis can't be all that bad. You are blessed that he is working and I hope it all continues well for you both.

LinB said...

Oh, I think I am in love with your mother, just from this short description of her! My husband and I got along best when he worked 70 hours a week at a restaurant job. We hardly ever saw each other, and were so grateful for our time together that we were unfailingly kind and polite. (Very different when you spend day after day in the same rooms at the same time, but we've muddled along for some decades now.) Am glad you found a "keeper" while you were still young enough to enjoy him.