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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flypaper thoughts

  • Finished my housecoaty thing.
  • I have a beautiful slip stitch.
  • Who decided cover-it-all loungers had to go out and unwrapping robes with bulky ties that make you look pregnant even when you are post menopausal had to come in?
  • I saw snow out my own window yesterday.
  • It melted but I know it is waiting.
  • Miss Scarlett told me I was a good girl.
  • Don't you think Demi Moore has to be happy she no longer has try to be younger than she really is any more?
  • She seems to have to come up with a new boob size for every man.
  • That's got to wear on you.
  • One month and a bit to Christmas.
  • Does anyone bake anymore?
  • Are there any old guys still left who eat fruit cake?
  • You don't think it was the fruit cake do you?
  • I am going to spend the next two weeks when the marking is done making home made presents.
  • I am going to spend the two weeks after that trying to find somethings I can buy that are the value of home made presents.
  • I have to find my Temptations Christmas CD somewhere.
  • I am getting myself the movie channel the minute that man leaves the house.
  • I think I am going to make a shocking pink velour lounger with a zipper up the front.
  • So there.
  • I think Demi should have one too.
  • Anyone have a recipe for cinnamon rolls that won't kill you. Whole wheat maybe?
  • If I am going to be making my own coffee in the a.m. for a bit there's going to be good self-care.
  • Particularly once it snows.


annie said...

Okay. Take that shovel back where it came from. Sounds fancy enough to generate some cash. Apply it to the cost of the movie channel. You may get snowed in but you will have some decent entertainment. (Don't forget to create a small path to the satellite dish so you can wipe the snow off from time to time.) :)

annie said...

Also, Ashton Kutcher isn't remotely on my radar but I wouldn't mind a toy boy. My husband is absolutely addicted to his workshop. I'd set up my mess there but it's infested with sawdust.

The Hojnackes said...

I bake! I love it, too. I don't think many people do though. It is so much fun, especially around the holidays. We take our baked goods to all of our friends.

a little sewing said...

I think a hot pink velour lounging suit sounds just grand. And I am with you on the robe business. I don't want a bulky tie either.
I feel a little sorry for Demi because I imagine she has to deal with a lot of change now and that is always hard. Didn't it seem like she had been out of the public eye for quite a while, then suddenly made a big public come-back AND suddenly had a very young boyfriend. That double whammy always struck me as too much to deal with.
But then, famous people must love being famous, or why would they do it?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Don't you think Demi Moore has to be happy she no longer has try to be younger than she really is any more?

Mmmmm interesting question...but don't you think that at some point in the last couple of years while she was trying to have a baby in her pre-menopausal years that she wanted to get up from the kids table and sit with the grown-ups again.

I really feel sorry for her because her heart must be breaking right now...maybe you should make her that robe and send it to her...she's probably not going to be going out much and a good lounging robe might be welcomed! ;)

Marie said...

My word verification is troth. I wasn't even going to say anything about Demi's marriage..honestly. I make the Pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls. They are really good. I cut the butter by half at least and use half whole wheat flour and they are still really good. The recipe is large enough you have plenty for the freezer. One morning of baking will give enough to last for several weeks.

Beth H said...

Um...my old guy eats fruitcake. (Unless that's some cultural reference that I, with my head firmly in the sand, don't understand). That's how I knew we were made for each other--we both gobbled up the fruitcake when it came our way. LOL!