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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vogue 1137

Here it is, a quick version of Vogue 1137. Pardon the lack of baseboards in the background, all part of the process. 

And I have my arm in the air as part of my very clever sleeve display strategy.

OK, so how did I get here?

Every holiday folks show up in the morning before I am organized, or I sit around and do that present thing and later look at the pictures and think I didn't look completely or even partially organized in the old robe with jammies hanging out.

So I decided I needed to get more elegant. Only problem of course being that neither I nor my life are elegant, and I don't really have a lot of sewing time right now.

Enter Vogue 1137.

The issue before last Vogue Pattern magazine did a neat version of this pattern morphed by a clever staffer into a coat. Really clever, it also featured a skirt made out of a vintage apron pattern, which I can guarantee you is not an idea I would have ever thought of.

Anyway. I have been looking for a coat pattern that grabs me for a couple of seasons now-trouble is I have worn enough winter coats by now to have a picture in my mind of what I want, but am not seeing that same picture in the pattern books - so I had the idea that maybe I too could morph this pattern into an acceptable coat.

But as a coat uses up a lot of good expensive fabric I decided to make a muslinish out of something, and figured I could use some nice cotton velour I had hanging around, in a much richer blue than this picture shows, and kill two birds with one stone.

This is my verdict.

I like it.

I mean the sleeves are cut-on so there is not a lot of sewing, I used the collar as is (but left out the pockets because I ran out of fabric), lengthened it to accommodate tall me, and wacked in an invisible zipper down the centre front. The pattern is for no closures so this worked out fine without alterations.

I interfaced the cuffs and am currently under the delusion that the cuff detail lifts this velour housecoat into elegant territory. It certainly looks better than what I wore under the tree last year.

Will I make a winter coat out of this pattern?

No probably not.

The sleeves are a little narrow and the collar pretty close, great for a housecoat but not roomy enough for an overcoat,  but my "muslin" is useful enough for me not to care.


Martha said...

I like it, too.

velosewer said...

You know that everyone will really think you are super organised this Christmas. I like it.

Margy said...

I am so glad you're spearheading the back-to-zipper-front-cover-all-no-bulky-tie-robe movement! I am right behind you with a lovely ash gray velour one...
Yours is beautiful and ever so elegant!

Ruthie said...

Nice housecoat. I'm still in bathrobe land but I appreciate the elegance of your housecoat, despite being swathed in bright turquoise fleecy towelling tied round the middle like a sack whilst doing the appreciating.

jirons42 said...

This is exactly the kind of thing I like to wear. Maybe I should make one too!

Mae said...

Very photogenic robe. You look like an opera singer, ready to be interviewed in her dressing room.

LinB said...

Very Endora (from "Bewitched.") I like it a lot.

gwensews said...

A useful muslin-how clever! It certainly does make a very nice housecoat, and that is something I do not have. You'll look stunning when you open your gifts this year. Maybe you'll get a coat!

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed your lovely robe review when it was first published. It looks great on you and must be so cozy in the velour. I adore the pattern you used and am borrowing your idea. The sleeves are elegant as the cuffs add a very chic touch.