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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pattern thoughts

Life is settling down, more on that later in flypaper thoughts; right now I have groceries on the counter waiting to be put away. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.

So of course I am blogging about patterns.

Two bits of news.

Brenson patterns has an interesting concept called Shirt Club patterns. Basically it means all components in this line are interchangeable whenever possible. I have been meaning to investigate these patterns for a while now because that seems like a cool idea.

I will be starting soon. This month I won a pattern from Bren for leaving a comment on her blog. I am really looking forward to seeing how this pattern works and possibly exploring more. I will keep you posted.

Also on my radar is this new Jalie bra pattern.

I already make my own bras with Bra-Makers supply Classic Bra pattern and I won't be going back to store bought again. For the first time in my life I have the lift I need and am very comfortable.

However nearly every bra pattern out there has a seamed cup and there are just some garments, like knits, that won't work with. 

So this makes the new Jalie pattern intriguing to me. However as a D cup I really wondered if it would give any kind of decent support. To give insight into this good old Jalie has provided some real women shots of ladies with different cup sizes on the site. You go look and decide for yourself. 

I am definitely going to be running this bra pattern, and the Brenson shirt pattern, through the Babs Pattern Testing Laboratory in the very near future.

Jacket BTW is mostly done, just needs lining and buttonholes.

More on that later, the counter calls.


Jodie said...

Hi Barbara:
Good to see a post up. Glad that life has slowed down enough and hope that the grandchildren are well.
I'm interested in the Jalie bra too and had a look at the pictures on their website. I'm a B cup and less worried about support (but as I move into my 40s it's a reality). I also wear knit tops most of the time to work....I think I'll give it a try and see what I think. However, I would be interested in your take. I'm wondering if there is an underbust seam if you could insert an underwire anyway. There's a company in my area that sells Jalie patterns, so I think I'll go by and see if they have the new ones available.
Happy Thanksgiving, I'm celebrating it out in Alberta!

Debbie Cook said...

I went and looked at the Jalie bra pics and I don't see any support in them. Even the young perkies weren't being supported so much as just being young and perky already.

What's the Canadian Thanksgiving story? I mean, we have pilgrims and Indians and such. Is yours the same? Or are moose and Mounties involved? lol - sorry, couldn't resist.

Texan said...

I went to look at the photos. I think the bra probably would be comfy enough. But I don't see a lot of lift/support coming from it. I bet this is a comfy bra. Being a C cup in my later 40s I am thinking this would be a good bra for say when I was going to work in the yard or garden or when I just want total comfort. But probably not a good one for when dressing up and want the girls to perk up a bit :O)...

Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to reading the results of Barb's Pattern Testing Laboratory. Unless I hear differently, I think that I will give the new Jalie a miss. (The girls need their support!)

Audrey said...

I have read about and seen the Brenson patterns. It will be interesting to read about your experience with them. The Jalie bra requires fabric with 70% stretch. That is really high. I wonder how easy it will be to find. While the bra looks comfortable, I am having mental pictures of little support and lots of jiggles. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Came across this post looking for reviews on this pattern. Just picked it up today and am planning to make it with material that has less stretch 70% doesn't seem like much support (as someone already mentioned). Also, disqus not recaptchas please this is my third attempt at getting this comment through XP

Anonymous said...

This just arrived today. Ditto with you on non-seamed bra patterns for the win. Seems like it needs super stretchy fabric which may reduce the support levels. Oh well, don't know till you try. XD Also, disqus not recaptchas please-this is my third try at getting this comment through XP