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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank you Carolyn

Sometimes I miss things. Sewing things, I hate that.

This morning however I had a look at Carolyn's blog and there was a fantastic suit pattern from Simplicity, I had missed their early fall release. 

I completely love the retro but classic pattern she writes about, and liked a jacket pattern too. I am going to try to bring my outerwear wardrobe up to speed too this fall. Here are the pictures of the patterns I like, although I am having trouble coping large enough shots, don't know why. Here are the links to the jacket and the suit for better views.

Also very exciting news for me.

It looks like my DC son is relocating to NYC over the summer.

Yes, that means garment district. I have never been there but there isn't a fabric store on the planet that doesn't make me feel at home. I can hardly wait. He will be working in Manhattan and the next thing I am going to have to do is figure where a person like me can stay and still maximize the fabric budget. Maybe outside the city and drive in. As you can tell the trip planning has already started.

I also made some white pants from what is appearing to be a developing TNT. As this is my first foray into white pants since 1981 I found these interesting.


Colleen G said...

How exciting for you; I just returned from my first ever trip to NYC. You will love to poke around the shops but looking at the high end clothing and the details about what makes the garments so is just as fun. I was particularly well-treated at Mood Fabrics, 3 floors of heaven. My only advice: go with some kind of plan because it's overwhelming.

Jane M said...

Congrats to your son, what exciting news...and you must be rather proud of him as well. Ah, NYC...I'm humming the song from "Annie" as I write. I second the go with a plan if you really want to shop. Otherwise go with an open mind and just absorb all the inspiration:-) I too am loving that new retro Simplicity pattern since I think it works as a chic, understated third layer for today, not just as a costume-y garment that wouldn't fit my lifestyle.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You're welcome! It's a little off-putting to realize that they are showing pre-fall patterns already but I loved this one and had to have it!

Let me know when you're heading to NYC, okay!?


I love looking at those jacket-y patterns and IMAGINING making them. I've finally figured out that it's a lot better if I just listen in to the stories of others making them. There are a limited number of jackets I need and I've got enough! Not only do I live in a really temperate climite in California, I'm in student mode. It's taken me over 40 years (I'm 54) to learn that I need to sew what I actually wear, not what looks so appealing. That all said and done, that jacket pattern has an awfully appealing sihouette. (I can't spell anything tonight

Laurel Shimer