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Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching myself and the Key Lime pie diet

Things are pretty thoughtful around here.

First of all I realized that I had lost a few pounds and that my just previously posted pants were much less baggy/long etc. once I had taken in the waist about an inch and a half and hoisted them up. That done I am pretty pleased with myself for only taking my entire adult life to make a pair of pants I would wear out of the house.

BTW you might be interested in how I lost this weight. I call it the Key Lime Pie diet and it's good for about four pounds.

All you do is stop eating key lime pie every day. I do this every time I come back to Nova Scotia from my regular trips to the Southern US and it works every time. Now of course if you are a person who doesn't presently eat key lime pie every day, well I'm sorry but I can't help you.

Becoming a late blooming pant fitter has smartened me up a bit as well as made me thinner. In fact I caught myself going down the hill to the fabric store for a Vogue pattern sale with a list of fall pattern potentials in my hand when I thought -"what am I doing?" I have a some more summer dresses I want to make from current patterns and fabric on my runway and I do want to make some more of these pants. What am I doing stashing last fall's patterns for the fall that is going to come to a place where we don't even really have summer here?

I know myself and I know that as soon as I see the new fall patterns that is what I will want to sew and anything I collect now is just going to make me uneasy and guilty. Why spend money, even sale money, to feel uneasy and guilty?

So I turned around.

So I am going to stay put, sew 2011 summer patterns during the summer of 2011, a new experience for me to be operating in the sewing present. But I am thinking now of what I hope to see in the fall line up:

1. An incredible coat pattern. I have written about this before and it is still on my mind.
2. Designer knit dresses. Look the Vogue patterns that everyone has been making these past few months have been knit dresses. Consider 1250 and 1179. We need winter versions that are this easy to sew and have this much style. Winter is busy and serious and long therefore you need easy, lighthearted and fast for intelligent balance if you follow me.
3. Good cool winter pants for that black wool crepe I have. Shaped waist, wide elegant leg but not so wide that people know you had to have made those yourself. Elegant pants. Now I have a sort of pant fitting protocol for flat pattern alterations worked out, at least in my own mind, I want to take it further.

What fall patterns are you waiting to see?


shams said...

You've now got ME thinking of your perfect winter coat. Even though my mild winter climate is such that a perfect winter coat might induce heat stroke on most days.

Have you thought about Loes Hinse's Oxford pant? Wide legged and very elegant.

I want more funky pants patterns. More more more. And maybe throw in a funky skirt or two. And I am always happy with neat jacket patterns and coat patterns. I feel we don't need one single new dress pattern.

Wow, I really want some key lime pie. mmmmmmmm.....

Debbie Cook said...

Fall patterns for here? Nope. But we do have plenty of key lime pie. ;-)

KC said...

I love the Key Lime Pie Diet! Hmm, what diet shall I go on a week from now?

Hah! My verification word is "La Pant"

Ruthie said...

Think I'd get the same effect if I stop eating Millionaires Shortbread? I'm trying NOT to buy any new patterns (other than monthly Burda)as I have so many. Strange how I still don't have any with an asymetric knot in the front.....

Karin said...

I just made a key lime pie with "Light" sweetened condensed milk. Not sure how much fat/calories it saves but the taste is indistinguishable from the whole fat version.

Audrey said...

You showed great restraint during the pattern sale. I should definitely follow your example. But fall patterns, I can't think about those yet. Today is the first day of summer, and I was upset when the latest issue of Vogue magazine featured a fall fashion preview. My son and I did a key lime pie tour of FLA when we were there. We had a piece of pie from a different restaurant or food stand every day and we rated them. We can buy key lime juice in the grocery stores locally, and the pies are easy to make, but it is just not the same as eating them in the FLA keys.

Bunny said...

I have the perfect winter coat pattern, Vogue's retro swing coat. Now I need to find the perfect fabric and I am getting closer.

AS far as fall sewing, fugetabotit. Summer is too short and too nice up here to not wallow in every moment of it, including the sewing. So I am in the present for now.

Love the diet!