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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick one: learning new things

This will be fast. The husband is under the impression I am packing up for another day on the road and not blogging while he is out walking the dog.

It occurred to me while I looked at the beautiful southern scenery and knit socks in the car yesterday, that I have learned a few new things in the last year. 

Like knitting socks, which I thought I would never be able to do. The socks have been a good idea. The all purpose gift that anyone appreciates. Any family member I have given them to has said "keep them coming". This has not be at all true of many of the things I have given people.

I have also decided that I have learned to play golf, even if the rest of the golf course wouldn't think so. 

I mean I don't bowl it all the time, I have avoided many sand traps, some of the water, and every once in a while hear that cool sound where you actually connect with the ball. More importantly I have learned to drive a golf cart, which I can now do with one hand while I hold a club, sometimes from the passenger's seat and can even do it backwards, which is safe because a loud noise goes off when you drive a cart backwards.

Man I love driving that golf cart crazy over the hills, that's the best part of the game as far as I am concerned.

I also have learned how to flag down the lady who also drives around with "refreshments" and know how to stand on the green and wave my club in the air so the three foursomes behind you can "play through."

Yes, I think I have golf covered.

So that, and socks, got me to thinking last night about other new skills I should learn and have been avoiding. I decided I to try crochet again.

One of my sisters is a crochet ace and can't figure out why I can't seem to learn this, despite many over the phone tutorials. Neither can I.

Well last night I hit YouTube and tried real hard.

I find this sooo difficult for some reason, and here is the result of about 3 hours effort:

I have about 10 hours in the car today to work at this some more while I wait for my sock wool to dry out. Seems we had a spill of the dog water in the back of the car we didn't notice and Rascal didn't tell us about.

The other thing I am placing, yet again, on my to learn list is better photographs. Don't need to explain why.

If anyone has any good sites for either crochet or photography, well you know who to send them to.

Off now to look busy.


Belinda said...

Hi Barbara, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and do have a suggestion for a blog to help with your photography. I think it will help a lot and its not expensive to improve your picture taking.

Barbara said...

Belinda, great link, thanks so much.

Sandra said...

I, too, have never gotten the hang of crochet. I blame it on lefthandedness, but this post and your next one are putting it in my mind to carve out some time to actually learn this. I want to launch right in and crochet something really cute, but maybe focusing on learning one step at a time will get me there.
For close-up photos, I finally discovered the "macro" feature on my basic digital camera. My macro mantra is macro on, flash off. It makes a big difference. Of course it was in the owner's manual, but it was when I read it on the computer screen -- and could enlarge the font size -- that I could learn it. Again, it was by making the decision and carving out the time.
Love your blog and welcome home (whenever you arrive home).