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Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day here

We head out of here tomorrow, at 5:00 a.m. the husband tells me.

Fabulous, fabulous time here. We will be back next year.

We put my mom and niece on the plane yesterday morning. 

Tell me what kind of travel agent books a 83 year old woman out on a flight that requires getting up at 2:30 a.m.? Although when I got up at 2:00 this elderly woman and her granddaughter were happy as clams up eating Coco Pops and chatting away.

My mother has amazed me. Of course her body is slowing down, she sometimes walks with a cane ("only to get better service") but her mind shows zero signs of aging. She says it's all the school projects that keep her sharp. Her schedule, she goes home to before school swim practices and 7:00 a.m. hair appointments, would wear me out. She tells me that her friends are jealous of her for being 
in the middle of things. In her words they "just sit". 

Something to remember (now there's an idea for a tattoo- "Don't just sit.)

I have mixed feelings about leaving. I want to see my family at home, but I want to take this place with me. And I want to get home to my fully equipped sewing room, but I wish I could order online and get the US shipping rates I have here.

I have of course all the resolutions everyone tries to bring 
back from a holiday. 

Take it easy, simplify, life's too short. How do you feel when you get back from vacation? Has time away ever changed you?

Now back to fabric.

We have been golfing nearly every day and that's gotten better once I realized that most people are not that great at golf either. Also it's nice to be with my husband outside. Chance to talk and chance to be reminded what a patient and kind person he is. I forget that sometimes in all the "did-you-get-milk? Can-you-take-the-dog-out-I-did-it-last-time" conversations.

However it has been really hot out there and I have taken to wearing long sleeved shirts for sun protection because sometimes all that sunscreen is just so clammy. I tried a white shirt (yes I am getting back to those when I get home) but that was too warm.

Then yesterday I remembered Sister Nils.

When I had my first child in Melbourne Australia years ago there was a wonderful infant care system in place. You had to take your baby to a public health nurse around the corner every week for the first year. A great way to keep up infant care and I wish this continent had something like that for all the young moms I see who might not have much support.

Anyway, my nurse was called Sister Nils. Most visits she just said things like "you're doing great" (which was worth the visit) and other times she listened to the weird obsessive worries about nothing that new mothers have. Being Canadian I had little experience with really hot weather for example. One of the things she told me was to put the baby down on plisse (sort of fine seersucker) sheets. She explained that the little bumps in the fabric allowed air to get through under the the baby's body and would keep her cooler.

It worked, my daughter slept so much better on those sheets. (Which of course I made myself).

So remembering Sister Nils I wore a seersucker shirt yesterday and it was amazing how cool it was. Here is the requisite bathroom shot of a person who has booked in a pit stop at Joann's to see if I can pick up more of this fabric on the way home:

Nothing beats a fabric classic.


shams said...

Wow, thanks so much for that factoid. I'm fairly ignorant of how to stay cool in hot weather, but I will remember that!! Seersucker! :D

Have a safe trip home.

Bunny said...

Sister Nils sounds like a real gem and a lifesaver for young moms. What a wonderful program.

Glad you had such a wonderful time at the beach.

Sewfast said...

Great post Barb...safe journey home!

Audrey said...

Interesting about the seersucker. It is definitely considered a summer fabric here in the south, but I always assumed it was because it was made of cotton. I never thought about the advantages of the texture.