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Saturday, June 4, 2011

McCalls 6241 on me

Tonight I dragged my husband away from the stove and had him take a picture of me in this top so you could see the issue with the neckline. Also it's always nicer to see a pattern on the wearee I think.

 I am definitely going to try again with a faced neckline.

Again, as usual, my weekend hair is pretty frizzy, but I may also be frazzled by being in the kitchen when my husband was in heavy pizza production. He's been cooking them in the oven at the self-clean temperature where it only takes 2 minutes each to cook a really nice pizza. Good for him when he is doing mass cooking.

I would never do such a crazy thing but he says it is a piece of cake as long as you take out those two screws from the door. Don't ask, I'm too smart to.

Also this is a lots of ease pattern, I made a 12 in this one and I haven't been a 12 since I was 12.

OK off to clean up after the cook.


BetsyV said...

My DH was fascinated by your DH's cooking the pizza at the self-clean temperature. How does he get the door open was his question. When I repeated your statement about the 2 screws, he smiled that "a ha!" smile. I think 700F degree pizza making is in our near future LOL. He also wondered if it voids the warranty. Does it?

Personally, I like the top on you. I think it's too long, but I'm a lot shorter than you are. I'm not sure what neckline issue you are referring too, but a facing would help even out the cowling.

KC said...

Maybe it's a bit long, but I love the draping on you!

Taking out the screws might make it harder to recover damages from the manufacturer of the oven when you forget the pizza is in there and burn the house down, but otherwise it's probably ok. I want pizza now.

Bunny said...

Too funny on your DH! I immediately wondered how he got the oven open to insert the pizza when mine locks while I am self cleaning. Now I know.....those two little screws! What is it about men and fire, chainsaws, and the combo of water and electricity?

SewinDiva said...

you guys are too funny. I was literally thinking what elce could you put in the oven that will cook that fast? mmmm...........maybe some bacon. I would not try it i would be the one to get the house burned down. I am so glad the my 13 year old don't read these blogs cause he will want to do it lol.

I really like that top. length and the neck line

Moushka said...

Thank you, Barbara, for posting the photo. The top looks beautiful on you, very flattering.