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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa's workshop: update from the home dec department

It's been flat out at the workshop. Apart from grocery shopping and taking the elves to the park for runs in the snow, it has been pretty production focused.

Oh and I got the tree up and the house decorated, a process that was sidetracked by rearranging everything and coming up with my decorating theme for this house, and this life.

Wait for it.

My style is called cozy and comfortable. All I want is a house where people come in and feel they can sit down and talk. 

What got me thinking about a style is a Christmas card from a now retired former boss of mine who always had a side business as a decorator. Her style is dramatic-African-Asian-black-white, think of white carpet and zebra skins and lots of big statues. Anyway her card expressed some disappointment in a niece who she described as "becoming minimalist."

Somehow I don't think all these crazy projects and dogs and family work with minimalist which made me figure out what to call my style, or lack of it. I have rearranged things so every place you sit has a place for a cup of tea and enough light to knit or hand sew. To make this happen I had to get rid of a large buffet (off to the daughter's much bigger house) and a trip to the truly wonderful sheltered workshop here that has solid wood furniture for really reasonable prices. These are their pictures, not mine. Gives you an idea.

Now what is your home dec style, and why?


sdBev said...

Yes, I like "Cozy and Comfortable" too! As I told DH, we could hire a decorator who would throw out about 70% of what we have and rearrange the chairs slightly, maybe add more guest seating. But 6 months down the road, it would all look the same. Why? Because this is who we are. We like our possessions. We downsized when we moved here 3 years ago and desginated each room with a purpose i.e. the living room is the TV viewing room; the kitchen is the cooking and eating area, the bedroom... well you get the picture.

LisaB said...

Cozy, comfortable, and hospitable sounds perfect to me. I have almost no sense of style and couldn't decorate if I had to. Thus, our new house isn't decorated. I know this would drive others absolutely bonkers, but DH and I don't even notice what's missing. It sure saves time dusting, too! ;-)