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Friday, December 17, 2010

Movie clothes

Last night I got serious and knitted right through from after dinner until the Christmas lights went out all along my street. I am going to have to rebook Christmas to get all this knitting done.

At any rate I had a huge revelation and that the most interesting place to see cool clothes is in the movies.

Think about it. 

I like looking at Style.com (but do find it exhausting, I need to decide what designers I like and focus) but it is hard to translate the super skinny models on the runway into clothes I will wear. Plus the runway clothes are the most exaggerated versions.

In a movie, on the other hand, you get to assess clothes on realer people (I mean most of them are still a lot thinner than I am) doing realer things (OK it's been a while since I jumped over cars with George Clooney), but best of all you see them styled, put together.

So my big revelation last night was to see a ruffled cotton shirt on Rachel McAdam's in State of Play with Russell Crowe (and Ben Affleck who was well-cast as a guy with no real personality who didn't move his mouth when he talked- what's up with that? He and Jennifer Anniston would make a great movie if the rules were no one showed any animation).

The thing is that McAdam's shirt was worn under a men's wear vest, and That Is It. The Secret. To make all these white shirts I am going to have to incorporate at least one with ruffles. I have been concerned about that because I am more a tailored type of person (translate - too old now for frills).

However with a vest, the ruffles show as a feature at the neck and there is a sort of real counter balance that makes this work.

You can actually not see this very well in this video 

Also isn't this a cool sweater:

See what you learn when you knit socks?


Cennetta said...

Barbara, You made me laugh at "rebook Christmas". I, like you, have so much to do in the creating department.

Also, like you; the movies are a great source of inspiration for creating beautiful clothes that you can see yourself wearing.

Happy knitting, sewing,etc.

Ruthie said...

Plus the ruffles girlify the menswear nature of the vest. Its a win-win.