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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That SWAP thing

I am a SWAP dropout.

I think I have participated about three times and only finished once. That one time involved clothes that all matched and met the criteria but I never wore. The next two times ended prematurely because I became completely overwhelmed with trying to make it all coordinate and kept wanting to veer off because some new style caught my eye. 

It felt more like production than creation, but that is just me.

The trouble is the whole SWAP thing makes so much sense but it just isn't how I sew. No apologies.

It has taken me a long time to understand that you can't lead someone else's life, no matter how smart it is.

Just like I have learned you can't teach someone else's course at work. If I try to teach a new course working from someone else's syllabus it just doesn't feel right. You can't tell someone else's stories, say someone else's jokes, project what someone else thinks is the most important thing, when in your own heart you have other priorities.

You can't live someone else's lifestyle either. 

I received an e-Christmas letter today from someone I knew years ago who seems to have spent her life having lunches in Tuscany and visiting galleries. She looks elegant in the pictures. I am sitting here in a purple housecoat this morning tired from watching Chris Rock's Good Hair till midnight (which I loved - he is often as wise as he is funny - his old line that minimum wage is what an employer pays you when he wishes he could pay you less has always seemed to me to be profound) and knitting socks while trying to disguise a few stitches I had to add in to make up for not having cast on enough, with a copy of 101 homemade dog food recipes on the table beside me.

I am not sure that this particular traveling circus is ever going to make it to lunch in Tuscany.

Which brings me to SWAP at Stitchers Guild , a site I drop into every now and then.

This year I can do it because it fits me. My six tops are going to be six of my white shirts, and the four skirts I want to make to wear with them. I need a mid season "car coat" length coat and that will be my eleventh item. 

I may actually finish this one, in fact I know I will.

Now off to buy the turkey. DH is flying in from Tennessee on the 23rd and he only cooks fresh turkeys. He and I have agreed that I go off duty when he comes home and picks up the next shift.

Off I go.


Karin said...

My hat's off to you for even attempting to start a swap! 11 items! All new techniques!

This stuff is not for the feint hearted! Or for those who are easily distracted; or loaded with other commitments; or just plain slow!

Have a Merry Christmas, I hope you get all your socks done :)

Debbie Cook said...

"The trouble is the whole SWAP thing makes so much sense but it just isn't how I sew."

Preaching to the choir. lol

I'm just too fickle and impatient to be tied down to such a long project. I do better with mini SWAPs, a/k/a, outfits. That's usually about my attention span limit.

KC said...

"It has taken me a long time to understand that you can't lead someone else's life, no matter how smart it is."

I may spend the rest of the day pondering this very wise remark. Thanks!

Ruthie said...

Yeah do SWAP if it fits and don't if its doesn't. This year I might not :-) (Though I shall have a darned good try!)

Linda T said...

Good for you--latching on to the SWAP that works for you! I've never done one either--doubt that I ever will, but time will tell...

a little sewing on the side said...

I know what you mean. But with your white shirt project, it is a great fit for you this year.

Anonymous said...

Yay SWAPs! I've dropped out of each and everyone I started (except for the white shirts). I love planning but I am craps at it, so I always end up disappointed and get frustrated when I see that other people finish their beautiful inspired gifted SWAPs. So I take a page out of your book: no more SWAPs unless they fit the way I sew perfectly.

sdBev said...

I love SWAP. But I'm pretty analytical. I enjoy planning and executing. I did tremendously well in mid-management, before I retired. But I completed only 1 SWAP. Because I don't need a whole new wardrobe every year. I find that FIB's (Fill in the blanks) and 6PAC (6 Piece Collections) Fit me much better. Good luck with your SWAP this year.

velosewer said...

If it fits, swap!