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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures of the burlap curtains

Nice surprise in the email today from my son in DC. A few months ago I posted some shots of some burlap curtains I had made for him on request. I was skeptical but pretty much have been waiting since he left home for him to need me to do anything for him (trouble when you raise your kids to be competent and they are) so of course I did my best. Burlap really smells so if you want to spend two days feeling like you are sewing out in the barn I recommend it.

Here are some shots of those curtains, hung over his closet which is where he wanted them. Too short of course but he and I eyeballed the measurements, so much for eyeballs.

A quote from the email that came with these shots:

"I think they look great - exactly what I was shooting for. The jute is cool and rustic, and I think will lose the wrinkles after a couple of days."

"Lose the wrinkles after a couple of days"?

OK maybe not that competent. I know I taught that boy to iron. I appear to be having a gender issue weekend.

Now back to the bathroom.

1 comment:

sdBev said...

The do look great! I wasn't expecting burlap to have so much eye-appeal. As for the length, have you considered fringe or beads?