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Friday, August 6, 2010

The housework issue

Wow, thanks for all the interesting comments posted on the housework versus sewing issue. I have been considering this all day and wondering if we all told the truth like this where the real standards are for women with other things on their minds.

Carolyn you can get groceries delivered? Man I checked that out immediately but sadly the only establishment that does it here in the backwaters of Nova Scotia is one of those gourmet places where the blood red oranges are $3 each and the meat is cut for you by a guy with an English accident and wrapped in brown paper for about the same price as buying the cow and doing it yourself. And a person to clean sounds good and I have thought about it but both Rascal and my son's dog Birdie bark like they have lost their minds at the vacuum - how much would I have to pay to have someone put up with that?

And Betsy public areas on Tuesdays, I love it. Does that mean you don't worry about it the rest of the week? Sounds sensible.

I find this very enlightening and if anyone else wants to share what they really do in the way of domestic upkeep I would love to hear it.

Not that I am very good at this at all, more on the level of not wanting my slippers to snap when I walk across the kitchen floor in morning. 

My issue with housework and all that maintenance stuff is that I resent it because it is not creative and more specifically stands between me and that sewing machine.

And not too that I don't make a lot of time for sewing, if you were looking at it like a normal person. 

Tonight for instance my husband came home and  made dinner and as a result I have this dress, the black dress with the cool collar,  last season's Butterick 5277, made to the darts and invisible zipper are in stage.

I am dying to see how this collar turns out and am going to get it done, bathroom window installation or no bathroom window installation (thank you so much for the suggestions to seal the grout, I didn't think to do that and it is so obvious, also on the list for tomorrow). I need a new dress badly.

I have added a bust dart to this pattern too and if it turns out want to show what I hope is an easy way to do that. And if it doesn't turn out I will show you what not to do. 

Later, off to bed. Sewing with Nancy is on at 7:00 a.m. and that's my warm-up for a high level sewing day.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Yes, I have my groceries delivered...and they deliver on Saturdays and Sundays too! It's a chain here in the States called Stop 'n Shop. The internet arm is called Peapod. I love it. Some things are a little more expensive than going to the actual store but to me it's worth it just not to have to go to the grocery store and waste that time there!

Karyn said...

I struggle with the same issues. I resent doing chores and housework because it takes away from my sewing time. But I also cannot stand a messy house. So I spend about 10 percent of my "free" time cleaning up, vacuuming, doing the dishes, etc. Then I devote the rest of the time to sewing!

Debbie Cook said...

My standards are a lot lower than they were 15 years ago. I hate clutter so things are put away when we're finished, but I don't dust and vacuum on a weekly schedule that's for sure. Vacuuming happens more often than dusting because we have 3 dogs and 2 sons. I keep a Swiffer duster handy for quick dusting (rearranging the dust really) and real dusting happens when it happens. I just don't care about a spotless house anymore or anyone who would judge me poorly for not having one. I'd rather do other things and be with other people. :-) It also helps that my house is still half torn apart from a remodeling job gone bad and with this economy, it will continue to stay that way for a long while. When you don't have a real floor, it's a lot easier to write off the mopping. ;-)

a little sewing on the side said...

Barbara, the vintage pattern arrived yesterday, thank you! When I sew it up, I'll be sure to post the project.

Re: housework, every now and then, DH and I do a 90 minute blast. While he vacuums, I clean bathrooms and we stop when time is up. I find that I can accomplish a lot when I know it's only for 90 minutes.
Cooking - I don't. I eat raw or nuked fruits & veggies and canned or frozen foods (I love the "Amy's" brand) and the grocery store is right next to my work. DH does cook and shop when he wants to cook.
And I am pretty fastidious about cleaning up after every sewing session. If I can always return to a neat space, I am productive.

Love that dress pattern, too.

Jodie said...

I think I'm more with you, Barbara...I was raised pretty traditionally (Mom did the house stuff, and I learned all the "inside" jobs, with my brother doing the "outside" stuff). And then....I pretty much married a version of my father. And I want a clean house...with a boy and a dog...it needs doing on a regular basis. I try to do 2 hour blasts on a weekend and one "thing" during the week, leaving extra time for sewing if I want. In the summer it's easy (I'm a teacher) during the school year a little harder. As I'm acquiring more and more stuff with my work, the boy and the husband will be assigned jobs (they don't know this yet), but I am not the only person who knows how to clean around here!

And....I just need to let a few things go, I suppose. I'm not into knick knacks/clutter so there isn't a lot of dusting, but the vacuuming.....between the sand/grass/gravel that everyone tracks in and the dog hair....it's a bit scary.
Today I'm determined to make order out of chaos (back from a camping trip)and do some cleaning. Tomorrow, I'll sew (4 hours I hope!)
We'll see how I do. Good luck with the tile grout and the window. I've etched a window in our bathroom (upstairs, with the window over the tub, the neighbours can look in) and it worked quite well.

BetsyV said...

To answer your question: Yes, I just don't worry about the public areas the rest of the week. Unless something "bad" happens, like a dropped plate of food or something.

And I never dust. It makes me sneeze, so I just don't do it. I figure even my elderly MIL can manage that much if it bothers her.

And, we have no kids and no pets in the house, which cuts down on debris.