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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I need help

I painted the bathroom today and have decided to re-grout most of the tiles tomorrow. Next weekend my husband is going to help me put in a new window.

Now the window. This is a huge problem.

The bathrooms in this house are small like they were in houses that were built 60 years ago.

The bathroom I am working on, the one where I read my Threads magazines in the bath every night about 11:00 p.m. is right beside the front door. 

I can think of no dumber place to put a bathroom with a window. Folks standing on the step are right beside your bathroom and at eye level.

To complicate matters even more the bathtub is right under that window and the whole bathtub area is tiled, ceiling included. This means there really isn't much to hang any window covering on except just around the window frame.

In the past I have tried several ideas and none of them were great. A custom made louvered blind that needed to be cleaned continually because it would get moldy, even with a good fan in that bathroom. Various curtains made out of rainwear strung on a wire suspension thingy but they looked awkward and didn't suit the space, but at least I wasn't exposing myself to the whole street.

I have thought of etched glass (how do you do that and what if I ruin the glass of a new window) and about every thing I could think of including beaded curtains. Of course whatever is on that window will get soaked too because it is in the line of fire when you have a shower. What were the builders' thinking?

OK I really appreciated the comments left after my last post and would welcome any ideas or suggestions.  

This one beats me.

Oh and if anyone is wondering about that little white square on the bottom of my screen door it is keep the dogs from going right out through the screen. They have been sort of customizing the back and front screen doors into their own dog doors this summer.


debbie said...

They have a film that you apply that gives the appearance of frosted glass. It's quite simple to apply. Spray soapy water on the window and use something like a credit card to squeegy and smooth. Trim to fit when you're done. I've never personally used it but it's supposed to stay up quite well from what I've read.

Another thought is if you're replacing the window see if it can be ordered with frosted glass.
They also have windows now that have mini blinds between two panes of glass with a mechanism that opens and closes the blinds.

There are lots of options available right now. Check out a good window store first. I know this because we've been restoring a 1928 bungalow so I've seen and done more that my share of home reno!

Carrotsandsmarties said...

I have frosted glass on my bathroom window - yes, it works because no one can see in, but it really annoys me because I can't see out. If I was to do this again, I would find some way to have the top half of the glass clear...

Debbie Cook said...

I had a vinyl cling thing that Debbie above mentioned in a former bathroom and it worked great. Mine looked like stained glass. Once applied, it stuck with no bubbling - but I had it on the outside of a glass shower stall window, so it never got wet. It peeled right off when we moved. I'm sure it would work inside the shower area too.

One thought that comes to mind right away is another shower rod - a tension rod - with another vinyl shower curtain on it. That way you can slide it over when you want privacy and/or need it to dry, and can push it to one side when you do want the light and/or to see out the window. I'd cut it to hit the top of the tub so you can take a bath without it dragging in the water.

Or, one of those old-timey rods that goes around the whole tub area. ??

BetsyV said...

How about glass block? The mottled/wavy kind that distorts the view?

You can also buy glass "frosting" in a spray can. We use this in our apartments which have this visibility issue. It's much less problematic in terms of mildew than another vinyl curtain on a tension rod. Besides, most people use the window sill for their shower stuff. Better to have it available.

sharon said...

or a piece of stained glass....that could be hung from the window frame.