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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's up with Burda?

Looking over dress patterns last night I confirmed that the Burda Mode site which used to allow you to both look through the pattern catalog and the pages of the current BWF magazine has been taken down and replaced with BurdaStyle, which has a very small selection of BWF designs for purchase/download and some contributor designs. Very hip and nice social networking type site - but no access to the catalog anymore or to the complete magazine. Interesting BurdaStyle has relatively few "members" so this looks like even more of a step back.

First time to my knowledge that I think I have seen a company reduce access for its customers to its projects and consequently sales. Now if I want to look through the magazine to see if I want to buy it I have to get in my car and drive downtown to the newsagent who carries it or into my car and drive to the fabric store to look through the catalog. The German site has an elaborate, over complicated "trend" selection from the magazine but it is not as nice simple and accessible as it used to be.

Makes me wonder if the burden of a multi language magazine is no longer paying off and if they aren't considering a switch to downloadable patterns.

Also indicates to me a narrowing of their focus to less experienced sewers, which is very important, at the cost of the general sewing public.

Makes me wonder where they are going to next. I also know that BWF has looked increasingly irrelevant to me lately anyway - the clothes are not as wearable as they were, and I used to love that magazine. Of course I think part of this is how the garments are staged and I frequently pass over some twisted photo of something I can't really see and then find the same pattern looks great on a real sewer who has made a version and obviously has more imagination than I do.

At any rate I regret losing access to their pattern catalog.


sdBev said...

There's been a lot of discussion - mostly negative- about this change. At first there were a few new links which were welcome even if they were to the Dutch or Russian sites. Truth is, Burda doesn't seem to be interested in supporting their US sewers anymore.

As for the stylish pics in the magazine, yes I pretty much skip over that and go right to the line drawings. My subscription renews in November and I don't think Burda's getting any more support from me.

Barbara said...

Interesting sdBev, very interesting. What kind of marketing plan reduces access to customers. Really makes me wonder if the magazine is being fazed out.