Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing room cleaning and pattern give away

I have sent off the vintage patterns to the first three folks who responded and it was fun. Nice feeling to write far away addresses on envelopes with my patterns in them.

I think I will do this again but make it simple.

Every other Wednesday morning, starting this week,  I will post one pattern and the first email I receive requesting it will have it sent to them. This should keep me going for a while and by doing this mid-week will give me something to post between weekends when I have more time to sew and blog.

I will start with some vintage patterns and work my way to things that are more recent like a couple of HP. See how it goes and if no one wants something I post, well we recycle everything here in this city.

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Maricou said...

I'll have to try to win of these