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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pattern morphing

I have worked out a TNT blouse pattern for myself for an easy shaped summer blouse, one with some ease. I have now started to lay details on it and one of those attempts was the collar from Simplicity 2601 that I added on to it. Really easy to do if you line up the neck/shoulder points on both patterns and remember to cut the new facings too.

I love shawl collars but transferring that onto this pattern was too much and 2601 has a similar looking collar piece, just a large oval shaped collar that got sewn directly to the neckline, that worked for me.

This one here, messy hair I know, photographer was in a hurry was a muslin in some finky flower cotton. I am not a tiny flower person so I added some red piping. BTW I found some real high quality mini piping meant for heirloom sewing that I used, so much nicer than any other bought piping and faster than making my own.

I will be taking this basic pattern in at the waist I think, but other than that it's a start, the shoulder fit and darts are good and how much easier will it be to wack on details I like onto a body shape that I can rely on to fit?

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a little sewing on the side said...

Love it- the piping is perfect with that print!