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Sunday, July 4, 2010

How long is your summer?

Summer is my favourite season, by far. I am a cruiser by nature, more a flip flop than boot girl and I wait all year for the good weather.

The thing is that I live in a part of the world, Nova Scotia, Canada, where there really are only two real summer months. That leaves 10, yes 10 non-summer months. Of course when people realize that they have made the mistake of committing their whole lives to a place where summer is only two months of the year and the rest of it overcast (or at least that's how it looks to me) they lie to themselves. So we say things like "yes but our Septembers are lovely" and they can be, but that chill in the air after 5:00 reminds you that September is not a real summer month, and June can have many warm days too just ask a kid stuck in school before it lets out the end of that month, but I am not sure if these border line months really count.

Which brings me to travel and the pattern companies. Seamlessly.

This is why I loved being in the southern US this spring, finally my summer months were extended to something reasonable and I am going to make sure that happens as many years as I can swing it.

I need these thoughts as I also go back to work tomorrow and when this summer term is over I am back into fall.

Which brings me next to something I don't get about the pattern companies. Why do they wait so long to reveal the next season's patterns? I need to start some fall sewing now and really need to start my spring and summer in January. My production isn't instant and the sharpest new patterns always seem to arrive when the season is in full swing.

Does anyone else feel like this?

On a bright note and that's how I want to end this, my family is here and the folks in this part of the world tend to be pretty laid back and cheerful. That counts for a lot, that counts for everything actually.

I spent a great afternoon with Miss Scarlett and my DD quilt fabric shopping this afternoon, and the experience of three generations in a fabric store is pretty priceless. I am not a quilter. Sewing so many identical pieces together is totally beyond my attention span. In fact I once tried to joint sew a quilt for my parents with a sister and she sent all my blocks back with the comment "Have you heard of a 1/4"? My DD is a quilter though, an arty one, young and creative and she has a good eye.

And now we can go fabric shopping together. Year round.


Anne LO said...

Oh yeah, the two month summer - I live in Denmark, I know all about it. Consider the Ottobre Women Magazine - they come out with the Spring/Summer edition early Spring.

Barbara said...

Good thought, thanks Anne.