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Saturday, July 10, 2010


They are telling us that we should be eating 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. That might work if you sat at a table all day, but I do try. Fruit on no fat cottage cheese for breakfast, smoothies, and vegs with the meals, and then I forget about it.

I do like fruit desserts though and have decided those count.

I love plums, I think they are a highly underestimated fruit but pretty boring in the bottom of a lunch box. So I eat my plums in desserts. This is my favourite way here, I made it last night and DS has already been into it. Trick is to get the plums really ripe, almost too soft for just eating, that means they will be juicy enough for this dessert.

I have ribs underway here today too for tomorrow. I am using the Neeleys' great recipe for a dry rub and BBQ sauce, interesting that there is no salt in it for those who care, and real easy. It has been hot here this week. We don't have AC here, who would for a 2 month summer, so last night Mr. Rascal and I went to bed with the fan on aimed directly at the bed. Best night's sleep we have had in days.

I am missing Tennessee and my husband who is back there now, continuing his month here and month there routine. He has been torturing me with his peach talk and all the things he is cooking for himself. We are talking here of a man who has a microwave, toaster oven, George Foreman, rice cooker and slow cooker in his hotel room. Last time he went down he didn't take any clothes hardly at all with him because he took 15 live lobsters with him. Live lobsters packed in ice in his luggage. They were fine and he cooked them up for the guys he works with when he got there.

Now can you tell me why customs can take away my nail file but let a crazy person with a suitcase full of live lobsters get on a plane no problem?


LisaB said...

Barbara, your husband taking live lobsters in his suitcase is just priceless!

By the way, I can't access your plum dessert recipe. Would you check the link?

I made myself an omelet the Julia Child way the other day, and the technique worked like a charm. Thanks again for reminding me of it.

Barbara said...

Fixed Lisa, thank you so much for catching that! And thanks for commenting, glad the omelet worked too.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Wow, lobsters!! I bet your husband's co-workers love him.

Claire S. said...

Weighing the options - clothes or lobsters ??? Lobsters every time LOL !

That from someone who has traveled with live ice-packed lobsters, although usually in the car. :-)

The plum dessert looks wonderful, I like 'em too but they have to be really ripe.

Peni R. Griffin said...

Five to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day are really easy, because the people who say that are the same people who think there's two servings in one of those vending machine potato chip bags. Here you go:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of juice = 1 serving. You read that right - 1/2 cup! If you drink a whole cup, that's 2 servings right there. An entire banana is also one serving, as are 1/2 cup of berries, a single peach, and so on. So, drink juice and/or put fruit on your cereal, or add fruit to your pancakes. Many vegetables go well in omelets. And remember, potatoes are also a vegetable (though if you're counting carbs you should put them into your starch category), so 1/2 cup of juice and hash browns at breakfast gives you 2 servings. Breakfast, 1-3 servings with little to no effort.

Lunch. All kinds of options here. Put some sprouts on your sandwich. Have a fruit or green salad, or both. Have a bowl of soup or stew that includes vegetables; most of them do, after all. A carrot on the side (good to help get the peanutbutter off your teeth if you're into PB&J; heck, use one of those more-fruit-than-sugar spreads instead of jelly and voila, more fruit). Grilled cheese sandwich with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, or onions (yes onions and mushrooms are vegetables!). Fresh fruit in season is a great dessert - just eat an apple, or a nectarine, or a handful of cherries. Lunch - 3-5 servings depending on how hungry you are.

Dinner: The traditional American dinner is a meat-based entree and two sides. Most of the sides people eat count as two servings in nutrionistese. Ketchup isn't a vegetable, but chunky spaghetti sauce is. One of those big baked potatoes - up to three servings; more if you add some toppings, like broccolli in cheese sauce or sauteed mushrooms. Casseroles usually portion out to have 2 servings of vegetables for every serving of meat. You can also experiment with non-meat entrees. Eggplant parmesan is as good as lasgagna, and the Moosewood recipe is really low-fat. Another 3-5 servings, effortlessly.

Dessert: Apple pie. Pumpkin pie. Cherry turnover. Bananas foster. Your plum dessert. Raisins in your bread pudding. Blueberries in your pound cake. Mmmm. At least 1 more serving.

See? No problem. You can sneak in another couple if you like V-8, tomato, or fruit juice over soda or tea as a beverage once a day; or if you satisfy sweet cravings with fresh fruit or pie instead of candy.

I always buy my plums at the farmer's market. You can't trust the ones they have at the grocery store at all.

Excuse me; I have this close personal relationship with food and I get excited about it.

Ria said...

Hi Barbara,made the plum cobbler last night, it was delicious !!