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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to Robin

I have had a busy few days and just started to get caught up on blog related activities.

My big surprise is that wonderful-blogger-herself (and mother of a great blogger, check out Daphne's cool, hip blog on teaching in Korea) Robin of A little sewing on the side has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am pretty happy about this.

First I am a new blogger; this place is strictly a place to record my own thoughts (basically life, family and sewing, which to me in this head are sort of all the same thing) and I am pleased that another sewer has found what I have written at all useful. I believe they call this peer-reviewed, which people say, wisely, are the only reviews that count.

Secondly I am very pleased because Robin's is one of my own favourite blogs. I have learned new techniques from her (that turned over elastic top on pants for instance), and am endlessly interested in her cheerful approach and continuing projects, which pretty much always look like things I want to make myself. Thanks Robin, coming from you this is particularly nice.

Now the rules, as I understand them, are that I talk about seven other blogs that inspire me. Easy to do, so many great bloggers out there that invariably brighten my days: (previously awarded bloggers should consider themselves included:

Debbie Cook of Stitches and Seams

I always learn so much from Debbie's blog and I want to acknowledge her generosity in going to all the trouble she does to explain techniques. I admit I have had a very under-used coverhem serger that I essentially used to finish seams, but inspired by Debbie's wonderful coverhem instructions I am now using it with comfort and confidence. Thanks to bloggers like Debbie who help other sewers learn.

Lori of SewForthNow blog and podcast.

Lori's podcast in particular has breathed new life into my must-do-wish-I-was-sewing jobs like the floors, the rowing machine, and cleaning under the stove. I hate wasting my precious spare time on non-sewing related activities and thanks to a gift of an iPod, Lori and her great, topical sewing podcasts I have been able to turn drudgery into something that interests me. Thanks to bloggers and podcasters that make every activity sewing related.

Ruthie of RuthieKsews 

Ruthie is the Queen of the SWAP and always manages to pull together several beautifully coordinated SWAPs every year, and best of all, she does it with fantastic and classic colour. Being lousy with colour myself I really admire sewers like Ruth who have a natural sense of it and so Ruth has inspired me to stretch and grow and enjoy colour. Thanks to bloggers who help us see a brighter and more interesting world.

Everything Marji touches is first class. Her garments are gorgeous, her fabrics always look to me like art objects they are so fine, and her knitting, well take a look at her knitting. I have only seen mittens like that in museums. Marji's blog is my favourite place to go when I want to see things made that I could never do, but it comforts me to know someone else knows how to do them. Thanks to bloggers who share their quality.

Cennetta of the Mahoganystylist

When I was engaged in my pants experiment I got lots of good smart tips from Cennatta's blog. To my mind Cennetta owns fit. Her clothes are wonderful and fit her like glove, absolutely first class. Best of all Cennetta has taken the time to show the rest of us how she does it - her pattern and flat pattern alterations are very helpful. Obviously a perfectionist and another inspiration. Thanks to bloggers who remind us the remarkable difference real fit makes. I realize just now that Cennetta has already been nominated, so just let this be more confirmation.

Kristy is a real life sewer and a modern one. I love her work clothes and jackets, but let's face it, it is the new baby pictures and the maternity clothes that get me. Plus Kristy has to get a special award for the best blog name in the www and for sharing her life and sewing as a part of that life. Thanks to bloggers who share their good news.

The slapdashsewist aka Nice Girl on Pattern Review sews an amazing number of cool, stylish, retro garments and goes to the trouble to give really detailed descriptions of how particular patterns went together, in often hilarious detail. This is my blog stop when I want to smile and check out new pattern ideas. Thanks to bloggers who make us laugh.

I have been sewing too, and will post details of that project tomorrow, but before I hit the bath, my sewing magazines and my Ovaltine (such a wild life), let me just say this:



Marji said...

Thank you Barbara! I'm honored, and a little humbled.

Barbara said...

Now I just want to know how long it takes you to make those mitts and how you learned to be such a wicked knitter.

Cennetta said...

Thanks, Barbara. Much appreciated.