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Friday, January 30, 2009

I have colour scurvy

Today in a slight detour on the way home, where folks were expecting me, I stopped for just a minute and picked up this Simplicity pattern, shown in the last post and some bright, bright pink cotton twill for experimental purposes.

Around here right now what isn't covered in molten ice is grey or shades of. This has gone on long enough. I realize I am developing colour hunger, and this is not helped by my black, grey, white and a little red SWAP wardrobe, or the clothes I wear every day in those same colours this time of year. 

I am remembering Health Class from when I was a kid where they told us that if you didn't eat citrus fruits your teeth fell out and you got thin and weak. Bread and water nearly did the British Navy in until they handed them those limes.

Well it has occurred to me, and I don't know why no one has made this connection before, that lack of colour, tropical, fruit like, juicy, fresh colour does the same thing to your health, head and heart.

In fact it is the exact colours of the fruit that prevent scurvy that hit your soul with the same kind of malnutrition.

That's why I am craving colours in the worst way this week, why my deficiency is hurting me, and why the rest of Nova Scotia has booked a week away in Cuba this week.

Well that's it. Time for dinner, haddock with feta, mushrooms, and red pepper in puff pastry. No I don't cook like that but my husband does.

Me, I am too busy making original contributions to 21 century thought.


Meg said...

We are experiencing a horribly humid week but you brought winter into my world for a few moments. Not that our winters get anywhere as cold as you experience, but I do hate the cooler weather and it makes me feel just as you described. At least your hubby is bringing some colour into your meal with the red pepper...

Shannon said...

I agree - enough with winter. I can't remember the last time it was above 0 C around here. I like your musing about juicy colours - I'll have to pull out some orange, lime and melon fabric to whip up a few garments!

robyn said...

Color nutrition is such a tricky business. Too little and you get scurvy. Too much and you get color poisoning, or an overdose!