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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In praise of my sister Nancy

OK to bring those hanging on the progress of the wrap-that-looks-like-a-baby-blanket (we are not even going to discuss what could have been made if Mom had been given more time and access to internet fabric sources) yesterday's trip to Fabricville produced nothing in the way of a trim to dress this thing up. Trim a couch I could have done, a bridal wrap no.

After about six calls from intense extended family in Winnipeg, I finally got on the phone with my sister Nancy was was just unpacking from another family wedding on her husband's side in Baltimore last weekend.

"Not to worry," she said, "we have the fifth best bridal store in Canada here in Winnipeg, I'm going over there now"

Next call was from Nancy and staff at the fifth best bridal store in Canada.

"Who is the designer of her dress? OK we have the dresses by that designer here and we are matching the satin. Pearls? Silver or gold beading? OK we have six wraps here. Fringe or no fringe? 24" X 70" OK? "

"OK I am buying a wrap here, should be a perfect match, will bring it in Thursday."

I love my family. They are crazy and over-involved and workshop the death out of anything but they never let you down. As we are hosting a three day event we have a lot of work to do and I have lists with names on them right on the table by my front door. Thursday my husband is taking the day off to cook for the crowd that flies in, in three shifts, that night. One of my dear stepdaughters is renting a car and going down four hours before everyone else to advance the lodge for us to make sure everything is OK. Her sister is getting up Saturday morning early to make coffee for everyone's cabin. My sons are polishing speeches and someone is getting the dogs ready. The hairdresser has in fact decided to come out of retirement for us and trek through the woods to do our hair.

This family has tremendous back-up and the groom's family are exactly who we would want to be spending the weekend with. In a challenging world, with all we have gone through together, on both sides, we have so much to celebrate this weekend.

Oh and even though I couldn't find trim, guess what Fabricville did have? Pant weight crepe, 2 meters for $1.00. Unbelievable. The gods are with me.

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