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Monday, September 22, 2008

A busy week ahead

I really enjoy posting to this blog but I can tell that with The Wedding six days away and guests starting to arrive today that it may be hard to post for a week or so until the dust settles and I can set up my machine again.

Yesterday's project was a wrap for my daughter who has been resistant to considering the possibility that it might be cool in the evening in Canada at the end of September. Being the ideal mother I did not say I told you so once as we raced around town trying to find something Saturday, our one local fabric shop having turned up nothing. Nothing in the stores either so in the end we bought two wool pashminas and some off white satin for lining. I sewed the pashminas together, then sewed a tuck on either side in a sort of an attempt to make the seam look like a design feature and stitched a satin border around the edge and lined it.

"Looks like a baby blanket" said my husband who is the last person on earth to make a fashion commentary, so this means it really, really looked like a baby blanket. So off came the border and we decided to wear it satin side out and I am off to Fabricville this morning to see if there is some trim or appliques to add.

Not posting a picture as you can imagine how it looks, two pashminas sewn together lined with satin.

I told you so.

Anyway a small bump in the road and lots to do today, am teaching all week of course but have delegated remaining house jobs to my husband and son. So far my husband has pitched in and spent the weekend building a rotating compost bin and my son has been moving surf boards.

The prime gender differences in relation to major events I have decided is that women say "Oh my god six days we don't have any time" and males say "No worries, six days we have lots of time."

Let's hope Fabricville produces excellent trims this morning.

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